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Essential SEO Advice to Get More Website Traffic

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is necessary when you want to bring more traffic to your website. It affects how well your site ranks in search engines and doing it wrong can get your site penalised so that it is not easy to find when people are searching. You want to look at what you are selling and find the right keywords that are both relevant and high-performing on all of the major search engines. Ideally, you want to rank on the first page because many Internet searchers only look at the first few pages before they give up and try another search. So lets take a look at what you, or a creative agency, can do to drive more traffic to your website.

Know Where You Stand

Analyze your content and your search rankings and see where your website it at right now. You need some baseline data so search the keywords that relate to your content and see if you can find your site in the search results on Google. You should also check your page rank on Alexa to see where you stand. Once you have your baseline data, you can start to craft a strategy.

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Learning Proper Keyword Placement

Conduct some keyword research to determine the keywords that are high-ranking and relevant to your content. Services like Google Adwords work well to show you the best keywords to use. Once you have a list of keywords, you need to make sure that you place them properly or else they will not work well for you. Keyword stuffing is worse than using no keywords at all, so keep in mind that the primary rule for keywords is quality over quantity. Place your primary keyword in your title, your URL and your image captions. Throughout the content, do not place a keyword more than once per 100 words. Ideally, in a 500-word article, you will put the keyword within the first two sentences of the intro, once in your conclusion and once somewhere in the body of the article.

Use Internal Links

When you are adding new articles and content to your site, use internal links to bring people to other pages on your site. This helps to boost the traffic to specific pages and increases your overall page rank. Do not over-link and make sure that you are linking to words already in the content. Do not force the language of the content just to insert links because this will make your content more difficult to read. The pages you do link to will get more SEO and will be more visible in search results. Ideally, link to about two other articles in a 500-word article and no more so that everything flows well and is easy to read.

Avoid Using Flash

Flash does nothing for your SEO and it actually hurts the main page on your website. You want your home page to have excellent SEO so that your site is easy to find in search results. Your homepage should have navigation links, be easy to figure out and it should appeal to your target market. Make sure that all of the important information is right up front and that visitors can easily find the other pages on your site right on this page. A good creative agency can help you to build an attractive website without having to use flash and other fancy tools that distract from SEO.

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Frequently Update Your Content and Publish Fresh Content

The highest ranking sites are constantly publishing new content and they frequently update old content so that it is fresh and informative. The size of your site plays a role in how often you need to update and publish. Larger sites do best when they publish several quality articles per day, but smaller sites can get away with a few new pieces of content per week. Your content must be of a high standard and have a personal feel to it that makes your visitors feel more connected to your business.

Once you are effectively using SEO, you will find that your sites ranks higher in the search engines and that your traffic increases. Make sure to always keep up-to-date with search engine algorithm changes so that you can maintain your high rankings. Yahoo does not change their algorithm often, but Google is frequently adjusting, so make sure you know what they are looking for.

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