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Financial Benefits Of Cloud Data Storage

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Cloud computing is a technological model whereby data and information is sent, stored, and retrieved via an Internet connection. Cloud computing got its name from the perception that the information can be found in the clouds, rather in a physical system that you can gain access to via a wired connection.

Recent years showed that cloud services are becoming better accepted in the business world compared to more traditional models. One of the reasons behind this shift is that cloud computing is more accessible, as data can be accessed from any place in the world as long as there is Internet connection. However, one reason that really tips the scale to their advantage is its cost-effectiveness.

Cloud Data Storage

Low Hardware Costs

Cloud computing data storage solutions offer storage services in the cloud, with minimal costs. Instead of investing in powerful storage servers and storage drives, business owners have the option to take advantage of cloud storage instead. Even small businesses can grab this opportunity, as cloud data storage services are available in a variety of options.

Consumer counterparts include Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. These storage options are available with a minimum of 2GB of data capacity for a minimum annual fee. Bigger storage capacities are available. Businesses who take advantage of the offer can opt to avail of the backup and restore options, where data stored in physical drives in their offices will be backed up to the cloud, available for retrieval in case of data corruptions. 

Low Energy Costs

Less physical hardware means less energy consumption. The cost of maintaining a storage server includes the actual cost of the server, the cost of connecting it to a network of systems used by the employees, the energy consumption of the server itself, and the cost of making sure the servers don’t heat up or break their power supplies while there is work to be done. Energy consumption can rack up the bills faster than any other investment. Not only that, lower energy consumption means lower carbon footprint.

Low Manpower Costs

No physical drives to manage means no actual persons needed to manage and operate them. The business will save costs in terms of manpower—monthly salaries that such employees would have been entitled to, as well as allowances and other expenses.

Business Protection

For software developers and game developers, the introduction of cloud computing was a big boon to their businesses. Before cloud services, software developers and game creators have long battled software and game piracy. Program and game installers are purchased as CDs or DVDs that in turn can just be copied and burned on other media by enterprising buyers. These pirated media are a big loss on the part of the developers who have invested in time, manpower, technology, and talent in creating these products, only for them to be copied and sold by someone else. However, with the advent of cloud services, game developers and program developers have launched products that are exclusively available through the cloud. Buyers can access them by purchasing the account codes to download them from the cloud. This move has effectively cut down losses brought by indiscriminate software piracy. 

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