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A Free Upgrade probably to hit Windows 9

Posted In Windows - By Techtiplib on Saturday, August 16th, 2014 With 2 Comments

Microsoft simply perhaps not interested in leaving any scope to gather its fan base. The attempts of attracting the antique users through free updates for “Windows 9” next year is certainly something buzz making. It is a good step, according to the analysts for going well with the present users keeping the view on the way the Windows 8.1 is performing.

Windows 9

Not so good Vista and W8

The news has come from one of the Microsoft close sources. The Windows Vista was not very successful for the Microsoft; in fact, it was disappointing to be honest. In addition, it is not too satisfied as well with the W8. By the way, the Windows 9 seems to be like a pretty promising device from the speculated features point of views.

Windows 9 probable name and unveiling day

The rumor mills also have to say that Microsoft is presently in a mood to provide Windows XP, 7 and Vista users even some more interesting offers. The source added that Windows 9 holds the maximum possibility to hit the shelves during spring 2015. Prior to it, there might be some events to announce the official name of the Windows 9. However, at present the Windows 9 is being called with the project name of “Threshold”. The name is pretty official as a top official of Microsoft called the name last month in a global conference.

Anyway, Microsoft has been pretty tight lipped regarding the upcoming operating system. The only thing to be revealed is a Start Menu during the conference. On this note, only official logo movement was what everyone witnessed.

Stock statistics for Windows 8, 8.1, and XP

The statistics of Windows market share have-not been too satisfied for both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. They have faced declining for a long while, especially Windows 8. However the shares of Windows 8.1 have shown some confidence by jumping from 6.61 to 6.65 percent in the recent past. For Windows 8, it was even below 6. The joint effort of both has reached at 12.48 percent. The best part of the process is that Windows XP is still continuing well with the score 24.82 percent, despite the assist issues in the near past.

On this context, it is here to mention that Windows holds only 14 percent share of the global market upon taking the mobile operating systems into account. 

Yet another Upgrade for Windows 8.1

The latest news is that Microsoft is going to be offering another upgrade for Windows 8.1 this month. However, this is believed to be a low end upgrade. Some say it could be a little more than the conventional monthly updates. Anyway, Microsoft is looking to keep the pace on for Windows 8.1 with this sort of attempts, which is rather a better product than the Windows 8. 

Microsoft’s Strategy

Microsoft has kept it all secret regarding the hyped upcoming flagship under process, so as the exact date of update. According to the experts, this is perhaps a planned strategy to drag the most out of the Windows 7 and Windows XP. It is so, as if Microsoft reveals anything regarding the date, the focus of the IT industries is obvious to shift from the Windows 7 and XP towards 9. But, Microsoft promises the support for Windows 7 for a very long future, even possibly 10 years later.

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