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Impact and significance of wireless technology

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Wireless technology is one of the best outcomes of today’s world. You will hardly find any place where there is no wireless access. Wireless applications are very convenient and flexible. They made the life easy by simplifying the connections. The amount of wired applications increases, as the size of the system increases. Wireless technology can help you to solve this problem and communicate with other systems across the network easily. One can even make use of long range wireless network to communicate with remote systems.

wireless technology

Different types of wireless technology

There are different types of wireless technology that are used across the world. Different technologies are used as per the requirement and preferences.   Some of the popular wireless technologies are – radio frequency technology, infrared technology and Zigbee wireless technology.

  • Radio frequency technology – This kind of wireless technology is operated in a frequency of 900 MHz and supports point-to-point connection. It comes with adjustable RF channels and different APO modes. It supports peer to peer communication modes. It is equipped with a configurable software that allow users to configure the RF channels, AP modes, data format, group ID, baud rate and other settings. It has a self-tuner and supports a transmission range of 1000 meters.
  • Infra-red technology – This wireless technology makes use of electromagnetic radiation that can save multiple IR commands and saves them to the file. It can be operated in a frequency range of 32 to 56 KHz. It is equipped with a port that allows the master devices to communicate with slave devices.  The typical communication distance between the end devices ranges from 7 to 10 meters.
  • Zigbee wireless technology – This wireless technology is operated in a frequency range of 2 to 3 GHz. It supports a star and mesh topology. It is a general purpose and cost-effective network that needs single host. It can even determine the optimal path between different nodes.  

Bluetooth wireless technology

Bluetooth wireless technology comes under the category of short range communication mode and is suitable for personal as well as small networks. The key feature of Bluetooth technology is that it can communicate in three different modes and classes such as – 1 meter, 10 meter and 100 meter. There are numerous products in the market that use Bluetooth wireless technology. Some of the popular devices are mobile phones, tablets, laptops and so on.  Some of these products have built-in Bluetooth technology; where as the other products require the technology to be integrated into them. With all these advantages, Bluetooth technology is becoming more and more popular these days. It’s truly simple and hence, one cannot stop buying devices that are integrated with Bluetooth technology.  

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