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Infographic: The Snowden Effect on Data Security

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It would seem that the whole arena of information security will never be the same post Edward Snowden. The reviled, in some circles, Snowden is said to have caused many to rethink how they go about securing their sensitive information. For many the whole subject of security is seen to be someone else’s problem and of no concern, but unfortunately we all have sensitive information that we would sooner not have published where all and sundry can review it and comment on it. 

When we see such organisations as the NSA and CIA getting all hot under the collar regarding leaks of information it does start to raise eyebrows. Surely these organiszations know a thing or two about security! How can such a low level individual have so easily exposed them? The problem is that in this high tech interconnected world it has become so easy to pry open the vault door. The resulting leak can then be disseminated extremely efficiently via the world–wide-web.

Stepping Up Security

And so government agencies, the corporate world and even you and I are having to step up the measures we take to secure our privacy. These will be seen as the years that encryption became the important factor in securing our information. Never before have we seen the use of so much encryption. As an added incentive for us all to take the securing of personal data more seriously the EU is about to introduce long over due reform of it’s 1995 data protection rules, something that member states and corporate world will need to understand and take heed of.

Revealing Survey

Yet as Egress Technologies recent market survey reveals we still have some way to go seeing that; one hundred per cent of those not interested in security systems admitted to regularly sharing sensitive stroke confidential data with external parties. Whilst only seventeen per cent of those surveyed said that their existing secure information sharing system was easy to use.

Data Security

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