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KNCTR – Your perfect solution or making free phone calls from your PC

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None other than people who travel a lot due to business purpose and those who stay away from their friends and families are aware of the cost of making long distance phone calls. When someone stays away from his family, the necessity to make phone calls in order to stay in touch with them becomes important. While there is a wide array of services for making long distance calls free of cost, KNCTR is one of them. Through KNCTR, you can make free phone calls to both landline numbers and cell phones within Canada and the US. KNCTR s perhaps the best potential alternative to fee-based telephone services that gradually becomes a burden on the pockets of people. So, if you have become tired of the worries of receiving huge bills for your long distance calls and roaming charges, here comes KNCTR as the perfect solution for all your woes.

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The service offered by KNCTR is not only free of cost but it is also very convenient to use for the travellers. There’s no need to purchase international SIM cards as you will get a new KNCTR free number with which you can start making our free calls. No matter what your present location is, you can easily stay in touch with anyone residing in the United States and in Canada.

The vital features of KNCTR – Inform yourself of the benefits

If you have not been used to the recent buzz that has been created for the KNCTR, here is a list of features that you may look forward to. This will help you get a simple and smart idea of what KNCTR is and what it deals with. Have a look.

  1. Helps you make free calls within Canada and US: KNCTR is such a software program that it allows you to make free phone calls to any landline or mobile number in the USA or Canada. This means any long distance or local call that you make from your PC through KNCTR will not be charged even a penny. This is the best possible alternative to the fee-based telephone services that are prevalent amongst the entire North America.
  2. Helps you call while you’re travelling: There are many people who travel throughout the year due to corporate purposes and they’re the ones who always need a platform through which they can remain in touch with their family within their budget. For them, KNCTR is perhaps the best option. By installing KNCTR in your laptop and having an ongoing internet connection with a microphone, you can effortlessly sit back in your hotel room and call your family members and friends in Canada and US. Save your dollars on international and long distance calls.
  3. Helps you call within KNCTR networks: Through KNCTR, you can not only call any mobile phone or landline number but it is also possible to call another KNCTR number. If you have some friend who is also a KNCTR user, you can also call him and that too free of cost. Hence, this is yet another excellent method of staying in touch while minimizing the impact of phone bills.
  4. Helps you with an easy activation process: You must be thinking that an application that has so many benefits must be tough to install. But this is not so. In fact, the activation process is very simple and easy. In order to start making phone calls, you just need to activate the phone. Simply click on the button that is located on the left side of the app and you can immediately get your KNCTR number. Remember that the number will start with 700.

Hence, if you are someone who stays abroad and is bleeding with soaring phone bills, make sure you follow the simple and easy process of activating KNCTR in your PC. Start making free phone calls and avoid blowing a hole in your wallet.

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