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Laptop, Tablet, or Desktop? How to Make the Right Choice Based on Your Daily Routine

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Today, we have no shortages of choices when it comes to screens-we have smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, and more. All of these devices provide ways for us to communicate with others, research our favorite topics, and learn about anything under the sun. However, these devices have varying features and come in such a range of sizes, that not every product is a perfect fit for every person and their lifestyle. If you’re trying to decide whether to buy a laptop, tablet, or desktop, read ahead and learn how to make a choice based on your daily routine and personal preferences.

Daily Routine

The Home Body

This term describes the individual or family that spends a good portion of their time in the home. There may be children or teenagers in the home who need access to a computer for homework or school projects. For this type of lifestyle, you will want a desktop computer. Desktop computers are most known for their reliably and varied functionality, which is helpful if you will have a number of people using the device. They are capable of performing most computer related functions such as gaming, web-browsing, and word processing, and can also connect to more external devices (printers, scanners) than any other computing device. Many parents prefer having a desktop computer because they can place the device in an open space and keep an eye on their children’s activity online.

Whether you are a family of six that needs a computer for homework, a graphic designer, or a blogger, a desktop can provide you with a command center where you can really get things done. 


On the other end of the spectrum, somebody who is on-the-go doesn’t spend too much time at home-or in any single place for that matter. Whether you are always traveling, constantly running errands, or your schedule changes daily, you’ll get the most done with a tablet. Because you’ll be doing most of your activity away from home or the office, you don’t need a wide variety of software. Obviously a tablet is the most portable option, but it is also capable of handling most business related activities (email, transactions, and presentations) via applications.

The Student

Whether you are a traditional college student, studying abroad, or completing online classes, many laptops today are designed with the student in mind. No matter what you are studying, you’ll likely need a variety of programs for projects, essays, research, notes, and more. The great thing about laptops is they now come in all sizes, so you can make a choice depending on weight, size, and accessibility. A laptop can easily be slid into a case and placed in your backpack until you are ready to use it. Most professors allow students to use laptops in class, or in the library, which can really save you a lot of time when you don’t have to write everything by hand.

Many students today are opting for tablets that have keyboard attachments and capabilities, however, not all tablets will come equipped with the programs you need. If you find a laptop to be too bulky, a tablet with keyboard capabilities might be a more convenient choice for you.

The Work-at-Home Entrepreneur

If you frequently work from home, or you are starting your own business, you will probably get the most use of a desktop. While a desktop computer, you can download advanced programs where you can create your own logo, monitor your social media activity, and alter your website. Yes, laptops and tablets have many of these features, but to really get work done at home, you need a computer of substantial size and function. You will be able to rely more on the enhanced functionality of a desktop, and it will be the focal point of your home office. 

The Entrepreneur on the Go

If you are required to travel constantly as an entrepreneur or businessman (such as a consultant), you will need to merge the functionality of a desktop with the portability of a tablet. Therefore, you will be looking to purchase a laptop. As mentioned, you might choose to go with a tablet that has a keyboard attachment-just know that an actual keyboard will save you loads of time. You can easily pull out your laptop and catch up on emails at the airport, or polish of your presentation at your hotel. 

Essentially, when you are trying to decide between a desktop computer, laptop, or a tablet, you need to consider how much you will use the device, how much you plan to travel with the device, and primarily what you will use the device for. Considering these factors along with pricing and personal preference, you’ll soon be able to choose a device that will really help you get things done.  

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