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How Mobile Technology Has Improved Our Lives?

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It is of no contest that mobile technology has greatly improved our lives, from connectivity, to communication, and general mobility. A United Nations report in 2013 has found that there are more people with cellular phones than there are people with toilets.

Considering that toilets are a hundreds of years old while cellular phones have only been in existence for the past couple of decades, it is a note-worthy statistic that shows the reliance of the world’s population on mobile technology.

Mobile Technology


Mobile technology has greatly improved the mobility of people in the planet. Gone are the days of checking actual voluminous maps to track routes and check the location of places. GPS or Global Positioning System is a mobile technology that enables us to track where we are in the planet – literally any time, anywhere.

This technology is used in almost all cars and vehicles in the form of GPS devices, providing routes, traffic information, and other related information. GPS filters greatly improve the performance of these devices. 

Mobility And Information

In this digital age, information is literally accessible at the touch of our fingertips. Anything we need to know, we only have to connect to the Internet and type a few words. Because of this increased access to information, more and more people have also become more globally mobile. They are no longer tied down to their countries of origin. 

Because of the wealth of information, other countries and isolated locations no longer seem so isolated. They are merely last frontiers waiting to be visited and explored.


The influence of mobile technology has never been more pronounced than in the realm of communications. Electronic emails, text messaging, chats, shout outs, and other forms of communication have long replaced the more traditional forms of communication. 

Cellular phones, tablets, and smartphones have become ubiquitous fixtures of society that losing one feels like being cut-off from the rest of the world. Mobile technology has made communication possible at lightning speeds. You can exchange text messages, calls, and even do a videoconference with another person on another part of the globe, as easily and as quickly as if they are just a few meters away from you. 

People who are stationed on isolated areas of the world can communicate with their loved ones or co-workers, as if they are just located at the city center. 

Social Media And Connectivity

Mobile technology also ushered in the new era of social media and connectivity. Some of the most popular social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Mobile technology has revolutionized the concept of connectivity. Gone are the days when the number of friends you can keep track off do not exceed more than a dozen. Now, people are maintaining friends’ lists of more than thousands.

Connecting with long lost friends, relatives, and finding loved ones had never been easier than tagging their name on your status post or tweeting them. Celebrities no longer seem to be demigods that reside somewhere we can’t touch. You can “tweet” your music idol and if things go your way, she might just tweet you back. Same goes for political leaders and other influential people. Mobile technology has made the world a smaller place for all of us. 

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