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Why Do I need an iPad?

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Those paying attention to virtually any form of media will know the amount of hype behind Apple. Founded as a simple computer company, Apple has grown to be one of the biggest companies in the world. Not only do they have some of the most highly sought after computers on the market, but they also have one of the most lucrative mobile line-ups the world has ever seen. Making up this mobile line up is, of course, the iPhone and the iPad.

iPad Mini with Retina Display Releasing Late November

While it may be easy to justify getting an iPhone (because everyone needs a phone, right?) the same may not be said for an iPad. However, those who have an iPad know that it has dramatically changed their lives. Not only does the productive itself make a big dent in one’s life, but also coupling it with ipad accessories such as a keyboard makes it an even better deal. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reason why you should get an iPad.


Less than a decade ago, if you were going to do anything that required a computer you would need to sit down at a desk and complete the work. Then along came laptops and made this a bit better. Students and employees were no longer tied to one single location and could instead take their computers to class or into the field while remaining productive. Now, with an iPad, you can go even farther. Included in the App Store are thousands upon thousands of different applications that change the function of your iPad. This means that no matter what your job or schoolwork entails, chances are your iPad can do it. This includes not only run of the mill things like word processing but goes all the way up to video production and image editing.


Watching TV is great, but what about watching it while you’re in bed? An iPad coupled with a Netflix subscription is without a doubt one of the best entertainment options on the market. Having these two things means you can take your entertainment with you wherever you go. Of course you’re not limited to Netflix either as many different App Store applications can provide you with entertainment. Don’t feel like watching a movie? That’s fine – included in the App Store are tens of thousands of high quality games for you to choose from. Action, puzzle, adventure and everything in between can be found in the App Store.


While you can stay productive and entertained on the go, you can also keep your learning as well. Included with every iPad is the iBooks application that allows you to download virtually any book. Not only is this great for a folk looking to simply read on the go but it’s great for students as well. Instead of having to lug around 10 different heavy books, you can just slip your iPad into your backpack after downloading all of your 

In conclusion, it’s quite easy to see why an iPad could be considered a necessity if you simply put some thought into it. You can do some word processing on the road, check up on the latest YouTube videos or even read your favorite book. The iPad is really a device that can be considered a jack-of-all-trades. No ton that, but if you take advantage of the copious ipad accessories currently on the market you can extend the functionality of your device even further.

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