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9 Reasons Why Your e-Commerce Website Should Use Magento

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If you are using e-Commerce for your business’ website, there is no doubt that you will be wanting to use the Magento management system. Sure you could perform all the tasks that Magento does, but that takes time, a knowledge of code, dollars, and is generally more trouble than its worth. Why not let the Magento developers guide you? They have three distinct platforms (Community Edition, Enterprise Edition and Go) and there are several reasons why your e-Commerce website should be using it.

It is open source

The edition that most businesses will use is the Community Edition as it is free. It comes with a basic e-Commerce platform that allows the user to install, alter or use in any manner that he/she likes.

Specifically created for e-Commerce

Magento ecommerce has been created specifically with e-Commerce in mind and therefore has all the features and specs that are required to create a wonderful online store that will provide the customers with a user friendly experience. The experience you will get from using a Magento CMS will outweigh what you would normally get with other CMS such as WordPress or WooCommerce.

e-Commerce mangeto Website

Highly scalable

Regardless of the type of e-Commerce features or improvements you need, Magento developers will assist your website every step of the way. When your business grows, Magento grows. It is suitable for small e-Commerce companies and Fortune 500 companies such as Nike and Olympus. If these brands weren’t enough proof of why an e-Commerce website should be using Magento, one quarter of all websites are using the management system.


Performance is critical and a delay of a few hundred milliseconds can have a significant impact on an e-Commerce website’s potential to convert site visitors into customers. After all customers are the life-blood of your business. Magento along with high-end caching optimization techniques leaves e-commerce enterprises with no complaints about their on-page performance.


When it comes to all the available CMS, Magento is as flexible as they come. If you have the knowledge, or are working with a Magento specialist, its open architecture allows you to create appealing and unique user experiences for different devices. The business owner is in complete control over the look and feel of their website, which lets their brand deliver a great customer experience.

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There’s no doubt if you have an e-Commerce website that you will need to lots of integration such as payment gateways, shipping service; database access, constant contacts with clients/customers, Google and many more. All these are third party integration and Magento is easy to integrate to run a profitable e-Commerce website.


The Magento platform is highly customizable and therefore it is very easy for the user to use if the website has a shopping cart. Again, it can be tailored to the website owner’s needs and budget size.


No longer are you bound by one store. On a single admin log-in you can create multiple stores from just one back end. The convenience of this is brilliant as all your information is available on a single admin panel. This feature is something that other platforms lack.

Support and Development

Regardless if you know what you are doing with Magento, there will always be unforeseen problems that occur. Magento is always developing and providing regular updates that will give the user a sample of the features and quick bug fixes. Furthermore, ongoing online support is provided to users should one of those unexpected problems appear.

So as you can see if you have an e-Commerce website, users would be doing themselves a disservice by not having Magento developers look after it for them. The system itself is constantly changing and business owners can be rest assured that their profits will begin to grow by using this CMS.

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