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Does your school need a website?

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Have you ever wondered just what it is you want your school to be? Is it a place that you’d like everyone to look up to? Is it the place you’d like parents to want to send their children? Does it occupy its rightful place in the community as a vibrant and breathing part of what’s going on around it? Might it be summed up in just the one word – “cool”?

Top Four Qualities that Make Websites Stand Out

With all the wonder of the latest technology in website design, your school might achieve just that kind of status – a cool place to be, a cool place to learn, a cool place to work and a cool focus for the entire community.

It is little wonder, therefore, that one of the leaders in providing just this type of image for your school may be found at Schoolscool web design.

So, do you need a web site?

There is little doubt that one of the keys to staying current these days is through an eye-catching, well designed, helpful and genuinely useful web site – it is simply a reflection of the times in which we live.

What can a web site do to achieve this?

A carefully crafted web site is eye-catching and visually stimulating – it draws you in, so that you want to know more. That visual impact is likely to be what sets your own school apart from all others, establishing the particular culture and values of all that you set out to achieve.

Helping you to do this is likely to be a design team that keeps you at the forefront of technology, maximising not just the impact for visitors to your site, but also the ease with which you are able to tailor its content to meet up to the minute needs, news, and information.

By providing a virtual learning environment, however, a school website may prove a whole lot more than just a source of news and information. It may positively contribute to the way in which children learn in the classroom and at the same time give teachers the opportunity to plan lessons that are likely to be the most relevant and stimulating – cool lessons in a cool school.

It doesn’t mean that the same information is available to everyone, of course. Personal and confidential information about a child’s progress, for example, may be restricted to an entirely “need to know” basis – for sharing amongst other teachers and the parents in question.

System reports such as this might also track a child’s punctuality or raise questions about truancy.

A website also offers a two-way channel of communication between your school and the parents of the pupils who are attending it. The site allows parents to communicate directly with those responsible for the child’s education – and in doing so allows you not just to keep parents informed but also to receive feedback on what is working well, and what is working not so well within your school.

At the end of the day, of course, it is the children in your care who deserve the greatest care and attention that a good school web site might bring. This might extend to their being able to submit homework online to their own class teacher, who is similarly equipped to give feedback to the pupil him or herself – directly, personally and in complete confidence.

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