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Study Shows iOS Users are More Active on Social Media Networks

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Apple iPhones are easily some of the most popular phones on the market. Ever since they came out they have been some of the most used and most purchased phones. Even with so many different phones on the market, they still continue to lead the pack in many different aspects. The operating system, iOS, is quite possibly one of the main reasons that the Apple iPhone is so popular among its users. It is just quite simply easier to use. The ease of use, and the massive amount of apps on the apple store, make iPhones a crowd favorite around the world. 

Social Media Networks

Users of the popular iPhone and iOS operating system aren’t just simply making phone calls. These phones are small touchscreen computers in the palm of your hand. This amount of readily available technology gives users a wide array of different options when it comes to use of their phones. From face time calls, to creating videos, and even making music on your phone, the possibilities truly do seem endless. Connected to the world around you is available like it never was before. Internet access is easier than ever with the new iOS software.

We know that iPhone users are fairly active on the internet, but we didn’t know that they are 7 times more active on social networks when compared to users of any other device, including Android. A recent study conducted by Net Applications, a company that monitors mobile traffic on over 40,000 sites, showed that iOS users are spending more time and are having more engagements on social networks. These analytics were carefully looked over by their web professionals taking into consideration data such as time on site, bounce rate and average click rate. In the end, when all these data points were tallied up, it shows that iOS users are generally more social and active on their phones. 

The top social networks that iOS users are active on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This could be due to the many apps that facilitate ease of use on these social platforms. Facebook, for example, is constantly updating and improving their app to provide the best end user experience. In this department, Android along with the other competitors truly lags behind. This is because Apple has a much large app base and seems to be given more support by the developers. Ultimately, it is really surprising to see that there is 7 times more active on social networks with the iOS devices than the competition, Android. Since its release Android has really grown its user base, giving the iPhone a run for its money, yet there is so much less activity on these devices. 

What does this mean to companies? It really does change the game when it comes to marketing to mobile devices on social networks. Companies interested in the bottom line will want to target mobile advertising to iOS apps rather than Android apps. Not necessarily because there are more users on iOS but because they tend to actively interact more, a lot more. This means these users are genuinely interested in the apps they’re using and some of that direction can be funneled towards ads. Developers too can take away from this, if you only have enough resources or time to develop to one platform, make it iOS. 

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