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Top 5 features in iOS 8 those make it thoroughly professional

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The latest proclamation of iOS 8 has not only put some effects on the users, rather it has enough for the business sectors as well. It looks like the Cupertino is focussing primarily on the corporate sectors with more specialised features suitable for it. The compilation given below is regarding top 5 features packed with iOS 8 those are primarily focussed for enterprise level.

iOS 8

iOS features:

Messaging features

The iMessage has been introduced with iOS 7. The iOS 8 makes it even more interesting through inclusion of variety of features arranged for specific usage like addition or removal of particular members from the groups, the enability of sending video, snaps, and voice messages straight from the message application without jumping through the applications. In addition, the tweaks like the facility of showing thumbnails of the entire shared items, the track record of any conversation, the GPS location information are perfect for the professional people.

iCloud Drive

iCloud enables the user to keep contact informations and mails for classified usage and transfering through cloud platforms. It also has restricted support for datas, to make the front line Apple apps take the best of the feature. The iCloud drive lets any data to be saved, reused, and edited from any Yosemite platforms, Windows 7 and upper generations, and iOS 8 products. Through the file structure, data can be saved now in the form of separate files, or can be stacked in folders through applications.  


It may not be one of the much hyped features in the line-up of the speculators. Making the file transfers through conventional connectivity options in close distance is a perfect option during the occasion mails or message services don’t work. It is now capable of sharing documents among Apple PCs those play with Yosemite.

Continue from where you left from one device with others:

The feature lets you to make or receive calls through the OS X. It is possible now through connecting the iOS 8 products and Apple systems those play with Apple Yosemite. In addition, Apple has made the facility available with other applications like Mials, Numbers till the developers have added support for the spec. It means you can continue a task straight from the point where you left on one device to the other device based on Apple or its supported platforms. 

Customized Protection and Efficient management

The iOS 8 has brought up a huge variety of connectivity, protection and managing platforms along with application based specs those really tighten the protection issues on Cupertino products. Providing added toggle over mails, password protection for the important applications, and extra facilities are just the inclination of the distinct attempts.   

For the folks over Information technology providing crucial solutions for devices and CMS has latest apps to let them to add information. In addition you can reap peal functionality for the data, or the entire list can be eradicated from the device secretly. Apart from this, the latest data organizer and content screening lets the controller choose the kind of files to be executed on iOS 8 products. These facilities with finest customizations and enhanced support lets the system administrators set device data distinctly and prohibit other users from eradicating or manipulating with it in accordance with their way.

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