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Trendy Style L12S OLED Bluetooth Bracelet Watch

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L12S 1

When I first saw this watch, I was attracted by its appearance. Bracelet form very creative and  previous watches are quite different. Technology seemed full sense, really let my eyes bright. So I think I should let more people know about this watch, I went to view some information and found the watch not only good-looking appearance, function is also very powerful.

L12S 2

Then let me start with the configuration of L12S, its screen is OLED capacitive touchscreen display, very smooth, hands feel very good.

There are 3D gravity sensor gyro, pedometer for running time. Memory is 32M, enough normal use. There 0.9W microphone: 38DB flat vibration motor, it can clearly included your every word. Bluetooth version is 3.0, there is 250mAh battery allows you to charge standby 168 hours and requires only 2-3 hours, these configurations Overall, really good and useful.

The features that are said to be available on the bracelet watch include: Mobile sync music player; Call remind, answer and ID display; SMS remind and read; Pedometer.

This watch has many powerful features, It connects via Bluetooth phone, so you can drive, running, outdoor activities more convenient time to answer the phone, and it’s vibration function lets you will not miss calls in the downtown or other factors, can bring a lot to our lives convenience.

It also has a very special function, anti-theft feature. When you leave your cell phone watch a certain distance over a certain time when it will prompt you through vibration, can protected your phone very well. Of course, it can also be the same as an ordinary watch displays the time, science and technology in electronic form interface it time to show the most.

There are many colors of this watch selection, each color is very nice, you can also get it in orange, red, yellow, white, purple, green and black. Full of stylish atmosphere.

L12S 3

If you want a smartwatch right now, your options range from the wildly popular Pebble watch at around $150, to the brand-new Android Wear watches which will set you back around $250; Obviously there are watches in and around these price points, but these are the most popular. With that range of prices in mind, what could the $30 (or $31.43 USD, to be exact) L12S OLED Bluetooth Bracelet Watch  which from Gearbest we can get one.

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