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Using Technology To Improve Your Business

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History shows that businesses have always relied on technology to ensure their continuity. Small family businesses running fruit farms and orchards have utilized technologies to preserve their produce, from bottling jams to canning fruit preserves.

Business communications in the late 1900s have been greatly improved by the advent of telephones and telegrams. Changes in transportation technologies—from steam engines to electric engines, automobiles, and improved air transportation—businesses have been able to expand exponentially all around the country and even the world. 

However, technology is continually evolving. Every day, new technology is introduced improving on older solutions, or providing other options. Thus, businesses need to remain to up-to-date and ready to jump on new opportunities brought about by new technologies.

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Here are some ways that technology improves how businesses are run:


Businesses rely on effective communication with their employees, their heads of offices, their target market, and their stakeholders to ensure that the business is on track. Cellular phones, Internet connection, and satellite providers enable businesses to reach their personnel while on the field. They may be in the middle of the ocean, on an isolated branch in the desert, or even in the Arctic. 

Gone are the days when messages are left on answering machines tethered to the office or the home. Electronic mails and other forms of online messaging enable business leaders to communicate with their employees wherever they may be country. Teleconferencing has eliminated the challenge of communicating with other business leaders assigned to other states, and even other countries.


In business, marketing is an important function that can mean the difference between success and failure. The latest advances in Internet connections enable businesses to reach their target market in a more effective manner.

Aside from collecting email addresses from existing contacts, businesses can utilize the consumer’s online behavior in the form of targeted ad placements. For example, businesses dealing with food products can have their ads placed on websites and blogs about food recipes, restaurants, and other related interests.

The boom of social networking has also lead to businesses introducing social accounts to promote their products and services. More than 50% of businesses utilize social media to reach their target market, as well as cater to their current consumers’ needs. Some of the social networks utilized include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. However, most of these businesses still don’t know how to effectively use these platforms aside from the traditional “shout marketing.” 


Computers and Internet technology has become ubiquitous. Computers no longer need to have a ton of wires and machines connected to it. Laptops, netbooks, tablets, and even smartphones can do what the usual desktop computer can do, and it can be brought anywhere.

These machines enable businesses to employ telecommuting models, which in turn allow them to save in terms of office space and energy consumption, as well as improved the productivity of their employees. Telecommuting recognizes the needs of a particular breed of employees who function better in the home setting, minus the daily hassle of commuting to work, wearing office uniforms, and strict office hours.

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