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Video editing’s package Giveaway: NewBlueFX Video Essentials III v.3.0

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NewBlue Video Essentials III is the best video editing tool which provides 175 presets in 10 custom plugin effects to help you quickly split screens, colorize, map video to objects, spotlight areas of interest, improve contrast, diffuse, smooth edges and manage your overlay placements – all using an integrated workflow.

Video editing

NewBlue Video Essentials III is a plug-in package for video editing various components provide easy to improve or modify the video data. The collection includes modules to adjust the various parameters in order to improve overall match quality perfect.

The installation process allows you to install the individual components or all of them for a specific video editor should be present on the system. It includes options to adjust color in video by tweaking the saturation, gamma or brightness. The Tuneup include the option to adjust the contrast and color.


  • Auto Contrast – Takes muted colors and dynamically pops them into a deeper, more colorful world of vibrance and contrast
  • Diffusion – Adds a soft glow to wedding footage or creates an out-of-this-world sci-fi look with ease
  • Dual Booster – Provides an innovative way to independently affect darker and lighter parts of an image
  • Edge Smoother – Selectively softens jaggy edges on text and graphics to blend your scenes together – it’s the next best thing to true anti-aliasing
  • Gradient Tint – Punches up video colors just as a photographer would with colored filters. Bring out blue skies, green grass and more
  • Image Mapper – Makes it really easy to insert a video within your scene and map all four corners to an object, even curve the edges
  • Proportion Helper – Provides numerous guide templates to help your composition
  • Rolling Shutter – Repairs common wobble and skew damage which affects many video cameras using CMOS sensors
  • Split Screen – Elegantly divides your image without a bit of math required
  • Spotlight – Provides a versatile way to focus on your primary subject while adding subtle treatments such as background blur to the periphery

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP (SP 3 or later)/ Vista (SP 2 or later)/ Windows 7
  • Mac OS X v 10.6.8, v10.7.2 or later

How to get free NewBlueFX Video Essentials III v.3.0?

Step 1: Visit the product page:

Step 2: Click “Buy now” button and use the coupon code “EDIUSVE3REG1” to purchase.

Video editing apply coupon code

Video editing apply coupon code


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