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4 Steps to hide Internet Protocol address

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Do you want to hide Internet Protocol address? If yes, then you may do so by means of proxy server. You need to know that proxy servers will connect you with different Internet services you may need. After setting it up, your personal computer will get connected to the Internet through proxy server rather than to the Internet directly. Thus, the different Internet sites will not be able to track your IP address. You need to have a basic idea about the Internet in order to learn hiding Internet Protocol address.

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4 Important steps to hide your Internet Protocol address

There are different ways how a user can hide Internet Protocol address. Make sure you know about it properly if you want to do so. Read on to know 4 steps to hide Internet Protocol address.

  1. See the cost of hiding IP address – You will have to find the cost of hiding IP address before you may go for it. There are various software options that enable an individual user to hide IP address with the installation of software that covers local IP address. The applications are systematic however, you will find several options available for free. You need to know that a user will get for what he is paying in most of the cases.
  2. Use software for trial before purchasing it – Usually, the different software allows user for a free trial version so that they may know if it is a good one. You need to know that the software have limited capabilities at times. This enables to convince the users for buying the utility so that they can use it completely.
  3. Search for a proxy service free of cost – You will have to find a proxy service that is free of cost. This may offer a safe level of ambiguity on Internet. You need to know that web filters of most companies obstruct access to proxy servers on Internet. Thus, if you want to hide Internet Protocol address, then this option is probably not realistic.
  4. Download free software and then install it – You need to download the free software and then install it in your system. This way, you can hide Internet Protocol address. You should know that the software platform is not very commanding like pay options, however they provide the option of servicing. Some downloads have spyware and adware with them which will compromise the privacy of the user completely. You must try to avoid such things while hiding IP address. As such, using shareware may be counterproductive to the privacy of the user.

Thus, if you too want to hide IP address just like the others, then you will have to follow the above-discussed steps. You do not need to hold any specialized degree in it, rather you can learn it if you really want to do so. There are many users who do not want others to track their Internet Protocol address and as such, they want to hide it anyhow. 

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