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5 Interesting Things To Know About The Best Vines

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The latest fad with most teenagers, college-goers and even professionals is to use Vine, a mobile owned by Twitter. Vine helps you create short video clips and post it online. According to a recent survey in the U.S., 38.2% of the population use Vine regularly. In Mexico 8.1 % of app users have Vine installed while 5.7 % of smart phone users use it in U.K.

Best Vines

The app’s popular in Turkey and Japan as well. Here are some interesting facts about Vines that you probably didn’t know of.

  • The history

Twitter purchased a new domain when it was asked to pay a huge sum for the domain name The site was launched in January 2013. Initially though, the two semantically sounding names created confusion making many visit, a property of Amazon. The development resulted in Amazon profiting and having increased traffic and sales.

  • The Twitter ilemma

Interestingly, the domain name for Vine app @vine was already taken in Twitter, a reason they had to settle for @vineapp. If one looks at the Vine logo closely, he will notice that that first and second letter i.e. the ‘V’ and ‘I’ are connected to each other in a specific manner. The connection between them denotes actual vine loops like a vine wraps itself around a tree. Also the logo, when viewed upside down, denotes the number 6 symbolizing the six seconds video looping on this application.

  • The best vines today

Ian Padgham, who is a die-hard fan left his job to create professional Vine videos, and has produced some of the best vines as of today. With 3,00,000 followers, you can tell that he has created some of the best vines today. One of his most famous video clips is that of a time-lapse Vine where he documented his wife Claire Pasquier’s pregnancy right from the beginning till the end and named it ‘The 9 month Vine’.

  • The interesting statistic

Did you know that a video footage of almost 2,334 hours can be made if every Vine user creates one video each. If this is achieved, it would be 250 times longer than the famous movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and would prove to be one interesting video in recent times. In the coming years, with more vines produced each day, the hours will only get longer.

  • Let’s talk from a business perspective

Recent study reveal that every second, 5 tweets contain a Vine link and that the chances of a branded Vine being seen is 4 times more than the viewing of a branded video. Unlike many other platforms, Vine hasn’t been in the market for long. However, it boasts of millions of users, a reason top brands are increasingly taking notice of this app. From aiding in marketing efforts to increasing sales and ROI, using vines can be an innovative way for businesses to have that strategic advantage. Have a look at the best vines available today to know what this new world has to offer.

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