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Five Things That LG G4 Should Have

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LG has been very persistent in its impressive launch of the G2 and G3 series of phone. Despite that, complaints are inevitable in the technology industry. What LG should do is hear out the voice of the customers and do something in regard to our perception of the five improvements we expect from the next phone, the LG G4.


LG G4: New Android

I wish LG could come up with a new android for the LG G4. It should be quite easy for a huge industry such as LG to develop a new android that is going to make the phone superior in comparison to other competitors. A new version of Android such as 4.5 or 5.0 lollipop should do the trick.

LG G4: 64-bit

The 64-bit chipset is the biggest thing in regard to mobile processor. LG used the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor for the G3 which rated superior to others that have a 2.5GHz processor. LG should avail a 64-bit mobile chip on the LG G4. Most of its competitors such as Apple with the iPhone 5s already have adapted to the feature. If LG wants to keep up with the pace, this would be a good feature to work on.

LG G4: Waterproof design

It is well known that LG doesn’t bother with designs that are dust proof or water proof. They tend to think it is not that useful to consumers but I tend to differ. I wish I would not have to worry much when am in the bathroom or kitchen by having a waterproof phone. Most of the consumers would love to see LG fit the water proof features in the LG G4. Shooting videos and taking pictures underwater would be so cool if this were the case. Please, LG do something about it.

LG G4: Battery life

For all Smartphones the demand for battery life is a preference by all consumers. Consumers surely crave for a mobile device that can last weeks before needing to be plugged in to a socket. However, being reasonable, we want the battery life to increase, 36 hours would do. The LG G3 has a regular size battery despite the large Quad HD screen. It would be very convenient if battery life went hand in hand with the progressive technology.

LG G4: Cheap price

LG has met the expectations of the consumer quite well in the Smartphone market. It has a very efficient pricing model and has cut its profit in hardware unlike Google. LG has made sure to weaken its rivals such as Sony, HTC and Samsung with the former G2 and G3. Offering a suitable price without compromising on quality could increase the customer index remarkably.

In conclusion, we all hope that LG incorporate and meet all of the above expectations so as to please all the LG lovers. The LG G4 will meet competition from top Smartphones and the Company needs to bring a device that will capture not only the eyes of consumers but also a Smartphone that will capture the attention of the world in general.

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