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5 WordPress Plugins to Help You Boost Subscribers

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Every good content marketer knows that the best way to earn email subscribers is to deliver quality content and remain consistent. If you’re looking for a quick boost, or you just want to refresh your exposure, there are some shortcuts available for your WordPress-powered blog.

 Boost Subscribers

Here are five different plugins that will augment your site and help you draw in more subscribers.

1. Comment Redirect

When visitors take time to comment on your blog, it’s either because they really enjoyed your content or they wish to engage with you. Either way, you never want to lose someone who is willing to participate and interact. Those visitors are hard to come by!

The best thing to do is to install and configure the Comment Redirect plugin, which sends first-time commenters to a unique — and customizable — page. You can do whatever you want with this new page, but I recommend saying “thank you” to your new commenter.

On this page, you should also provide a call to action, and an accompanying option to subscribe to your content. It will add a nice touch, since anyone who leaves a comment will be presented with an opportunity to join your email army.

Ramsay Taplin, of BlogTyrant, says that his implementation of the Comment Redirect plugin works out quite well. “Currently the ‘thank-you page’ that first-time commenters get redirected to converts at 6.6% but it has been as high as 12%, depending on where the new commenters are coming from. Again, it’s really important to focus on the right traffic sources and not just the right landing pages for converting visitors into subscribers.” 

2. Hellobar

Sometimes it’s not about where you send your visitors or what kind of content you deliver; instead, it’s about capturing their attention. That’s exactly where the Hellobar plugin comes in handy.

Once installed and configured, Hellobar will place a narrow visual bar across the top of the page. The bar delivers a message, encouraging people to click on the related link. With a great call to action, and bright, captivating colors, you can really make the bar stand out.

The best use of Hellobar is to direct interested parties to a subscription panel or sub-page. Since the bar’s text can be personalized, you can give it your own flair to reel in new subscribers. 

3. Pippity

Popup boxes are quite efficient when it comes to converting new visitors to loyal subscribers. At the same time, if they are implemented terribly you can end up annoying folks, which will result in the exact opposite of what you want 

Pippity is a highly customizable popup plugin that allows you to deliver useful, yet non-obtrusive alerts. The trick is to deliver the popups at the opportune moment, and to use them in moderation – you don’t want them appearing every time your visitors go somewhere new.

Through the backend you can alter how the popups look, designate when they should appear and personalize what content is displayed. Needless to say, the options are exactly what you’d expect from something of this caliber. 

The best way to offer highly personalized popups is to deliver content based on a visitor’s referral link. For example, if someone navigates to your site from a social media network, you can prompt the visitor to subscribe to your social feeds. 

4. DiggDigg

Another way to boost subscribers and visitors for your site is to get people sharing your content. DiggDigg is a social sharing plugin that places a floating toolbar on your website. You can choose whether you want it to appear vertically or horizontally, but the former is the most popular.

When the “float” option is enabled, DiggDigg will dynamically scroll down the page at the same pace as your visitors. It always remains in view, silently begging your audience to subscribe to your social network channels or share your great content. The tool allows your readers to instantly share with a single click of the mouse. Since people are lazy, and you’re making it easy for them to share, you’ll get a lot more shares. In the end, sharing is caring and it also happens to be good for business.

5. OptinSkin

Perhaps one of the most important elements of a successful subscription form is that it that compels your audience to follow through. It’s one thing to deliver a pop-up form that includes a few custom fields; it’s another to deliver a form that demands your audience spring into action. That said, the only tried and true way to offer a compelling form, is to display an engaging call to action.

The OptinSkin plugin allows you to build and create attractive forms in a relatively short period of time. The best part is that the configuration options are incredibly in-depth. This feature allows you to tailor your forms so that they look and feel exactly the way you want them to. The plugin will also add some nice visual touches like fade-in effects, unique skins and pre-configured designs.

If you use the plugin to direct attention to your form, you’ll find more of your visitors are persuaded to subscribe.

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