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8 Fantastic games tailor – made for iPhone users

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So you’ve got yourself a brand new iPhone and are quite excited about that. Well, with an iPhone in hand, you’ve become the proud owner of the brand new technology that has influenced one and all. Whether you’re inclined on using your device for internet surfing or want to play innovative games; easy-to-download and install apps will let you do everything with a simple swipe of your finger. All you need to do is simply plunge into the App Store and you’ll find millions of apps related to education, entertainment, gaming etc. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 8 best games that are tailor-made for iPhone users. Hope you’d find it easy to choose your pick from this collection.

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1. Jetpack Joyride for iPhone users

Full of tongue-in-cheek humor, Jetpack Joyride is one of the most played games on iOS. In this game, the player needs to keep the jetpack joyride aloft by continuously firing bullets at the floor. An endless survival game, Jetpack Joyride has topped the charts in the gaming apps category of the App Store.

2. Knightmare Tower

Are you aware of Doodle Jump? If yes, then Knightmare Tower won’t sound new to you. Just like Doodle Jump, even Knightmare Tower expects the user to constantly jump for getting higher and higher. You can even choose to tilt your table for helping yourself along, in addition to rocking right for moving towards the right and left for moving towards the left. The player is treated as a knight who has to ascend a tower by bouncing himself off the enemies that are flying from bottom towards the top. The better the player attacks, the swifter he flies. While climbing the tower, you get the chance of earning new and better abilities.

3. Hoplite

Hopelite is yet another fabulous iPhone game, custom-made for careful players who love facing impossible ends. In this game, you play a man in the armor who has a blade, a spear and a very specific chess-like move-set. With all enemies having their own movement and attack rules, you need to attack back intelligently for a good survival. A huge majority of iPhone users is now smitten by Hoplite and can’t stop playing it more and more.

4. Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing is a fun-filled iPhone game that you’d love to play on a repetitive basis. In this game, you’ll be playing, fishing and shooting for many long hours at a stretch. If you’re someone who thinks collaborating fishing and firearms would be an amazing mobile gaming experience, then Ridiculous Fishing can turn as your best choice. This iPhone game is an excellent match for anyone who’s got bored with the real-world fishing and hence wants to try it out on a visual front.

5. iCopter Classic

Although the App Store is loaded with ample number of one-thumb copter games, iCopter Classic has undoubtedly emerged as one of the finest free variants. As a fast and super-responsive iPhone game, iCopter Classic expects the player to go about helping his helicopter survive without smashing into something. During the gaming levels, the player has to encounter submarines, spaceships etc.

6. Smash Bandits

If you’re someone who loves riding his vehicle with smashy turns then Smash Bandits is the game for you. In this game, the player goes about tearing places like a maniac, ramming into anything that’s smaller than a building. The best part of Smash Bandits is that in case you crash, it’s possible for you to steal the police car or SWAT for continuing with making more mayhem.

7. Tiny Striker

Tiny Striker is a fast-paced flick-based arcade game that renders you an incredible opportunity of scoring endless free kicks. You can drag out net-busters using a speedy swiping finger. In the beginning of the game, you are presented with an open goal but soon the defenders get in your way, restricting you from attaining your goal. Tiny Striker is the best gaming option for iPhone users who are real FIFA fans.


ON/OFF is a sliding puzzle game equipped with a Rubik’s Cube. In this game, the player has to connect colored switches with tiles that have been dragged around. ON/OFF is an absolute breath-taking game that causes steam to fly out of your ears as you battle it out.


Now those were the 8 finest games specially designed for iPhone users. All these games are filled with utmost fun and excitement, making them a complete treasure for iPhone users who spend a lot of time, playing games on their iPhones.

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