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AlphaInvestorCN2015 – Manage Your Own Portfolio (Free for iOS – $199.99)

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lpha-Investor is first mobile Manage Your Own Portfolio (MYOP) app. It is a full-feature trading suit designed for serious investors and investment professionals.

Manage Portfolio 1


  • Asset Search: rank/select top assets
  • Portfolio Optimizer: Optimize portfolio
  • Back-Tester: validate portfolio with historical data
  • Monte Carlo Simulator: multi-year forecast
  • Re-Balancer: control risk exposure

What does Alpha-Investor do?

  1. Optimize your asset weighting of your investment portfolio
  2. Validate your optimized portfolio by back-testing with historical data
  3. Limit your risk exposure within your risk tolerance
  4. Issue Buy/Sell signals with trading amount
  5. Determine if the portfolio worth the effort by calculating its Alpha value

Manage Portfolio

How does Alpha-Investor do it?

  1. The “Optimizer” gives the optimal asset weighting by mean of mean-variance calculation
  2. The “Backtester” validates the portfolio performance with historical data
  3. The risk KPI’s, such as Value at Risk and Tail VaR, show you the daily risk exposure
  4. Based on target weighting, the “Rebalancer” gives Buy/Sell orders promptly
  5. Knowing the portfolio Alpha, investors can determine if passive investment is a better choice

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