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Cleanup media library with free WordPress plugin: Cleanup Images

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Cleanup Images is a free WordPress plugin for delete not used image that can help you to cleanup your media library by finding and deleting unused images in the media library. It is based on a partial rewrite and major extension of Delete Not Used Images (DNUI). Cleanup Images will search the database for all images in the library and determine whether or not they are in use, they will then be listed. If not used, you will be able to select them in order to delete them.

Delete Not Used Image


  • Accounts for images used by Pods (Pods 2.1+)
  • Accounts for any images specified in the WP options table
  • Provides for an image preview on hovering over the image names
  • Formats the screens in a nicer manner and starts to use standard WP CSS for formatting
  • Supports translation for most phrases with support for only three phrases still outstanding

Download the free WordPress plugin: Cleanup Images

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