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A Comprehensive Review of SQL MDF File Recovery Software Application

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This review of mine as a database administrator of a company, for SQL Recovery version 6.0 is a means to elaborate the features and working of the software. The review shall definitely benefit personnel’s, corporate, technicians and enterprises that own MS SQL Server in the way that they shall be able to better analyze the tool and this will assist them in making a decision whether to purchase it or not. The reason being, that it explores tool’s characteristics that helped me in fixing errors that I was encountering with its MDF and NDF files. Though the recovery application is not an essential means to run the structured query language its usage often gets necessary. Acknowledge the reason!

SQL recovery software

Is it Necessary to Use Recovery Tool for SQL Server?

Like many other users I also faced similar corruption issue with the database files which forced me to use a third party recovery utility. The reason being that the primary MDF and secondary NDF files of server database, though not prone to damage issues are also not immune to corruption. The SQL database proprietary files have been found to get corrupt irrespective of the fact that they belong to newer or older release of the server environment. Thence, acknowledge the features of the latest version i.e. edition 6 of the SQL Recovery software application.

In-built Features of the SQL MDF File Recovery Tool – For You to Judge

The characteristic features that are entertained in the recovery utility are mentioned in this section of the review. Its attributes give an overall glimpse of the functionalities and working as well as forms an essential part in drawing a conclusion about the tool. However, there is no doubt that other factor such as cost, ability, system requirements like RAM, processor, size and several other things also leave an impact.

Have a Quick Look

  • Operable with all most all releases of SQL Server like 2012, 2008/ 2008 R2, 2005, 2000.
  • Two recovery modes Quick & Advance Scan is available for repair of both primary and secondary files of server database.
  • Can recover Tables, Triggers, Functions, Rules and Stored Procedures etc. of the SQL database files.
  • Owns ability to retrieve even permanently deleted data either by mistake or knowingly.
  • Can add, scan and recover multiple MDF and associated NDF files all together at a time.
  • Capable to export recovered files into database of MS SQL Server or as compatible scripts.
  • Provides selectivity option with which only wanted data items can be exported.

Recognize the Specifics of the Recovery Tool

As said above that apart from features, there are other factors also that are undoubtedly essential to know about. Let’s scan the computer system requirements that are needed to install and run the software program, so as to retrieve both damaged .mdf and .ndf SQL Server database file. Thereafter, the recovered files can be exported into the database of SQL Server.

  • At Foremost the Specifications  
  1. Frequency of Processor in MachinePCs with processor of at least 1GHz frequency is required. Nevertheless, frequency in the range of Giga Hertz of about 2.4 is optimally needed. This helps in executing the program faster.
  2. Random Access Memory requiredNo less than 512 Mega Bytes of RAM should be available on the system on which the recovery utility has to be installed and executed. On the contrary, 1 GB suits the best for execution of the software.
  3. Minimum Space Required in Drive of Hard Disk The size of the tool is 3.1 Mega Bytes. So certainly a bit more space, as compared to the size of software should be made available in the drives of computer systems. So, about 5MB space should be kept free.
  4. Machine with Windows Operating System – Systems with only Windows OS by Microsoft can be used for installation and execution of the recovery application.

Observation – With having been known and observed the specifics of SQL MDF file recovery utility, it can be concluded that the system requirements are minimum.

Freeware Available For Download

A trial edition of the tool is available for free download, so that the functionalities and working can be checked before actually making payment. An overall performance can be tested as the demo release gives a preview of all the recovered data. Though file can be recovered, the data items cannot be exported.

I also got the freeware release for download from company’s website for testing purpose and it was found that the utility excelled.

Difference I Saw Between Demo & Licensed Version

 As said in the above section that the tool supplies a trial version free of cost so that users can test the operability and functioning of it before actual spending for licensed release. Therefore, an attempt has been made to produce the distinction between the two by means of table given below:

Tool’s Characteristics Demo Edition  Full Release
Add SQL MDF and NDF File √    √   
Quick and Advance Scanning Modes Available √     √   
Preview  Components of MDF/NDF Files √     √     
Saving Scanned .mdf in STR Format Possible √    √     
Support SQL Server versions 2000, 2005, 2008 & 2012 √    √    
Retrieves and stores entire data from MDF File No Yes
Exports Retrieved Data into database of SQL Server No Yes

One Pitfall Found

However, one drawback of the tool is that it does not support SQL Server 2014 which is its latest version. So, I suggest that the software application should be upgraded so that it supports the newest release also because many are adopting it.

Conclusion Drawn

Based on the detailed description in the review, it can be concluded that the latest version of SQL Recovery, mainly used for SQL MDF file recovery is an optimal solution to retrieve data from corrupt primary and secondary files of server database. On the grounds established from the whereabouts of the recovery utility, without an inch of doubt it can be said that it is stand alone tool which positions itself ahead in comparison to other similar software applications. Henceforth, it can be rated 9 on a scale of 10 with recent developments that have been made in it as compared to the older release.

Author Bio: 

Hi my name is EllisWhite, an SQL database user. In this article I share some experience which I had got from SQL Recovery software. My working experience with this tool is very good & I want to share with other SQL database users who suffer corruption type typical situations.

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