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Convert iTunes DRMed M4V Videos to MP4 Format Losslessly With TunesKit

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“I recently change my iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5. Everything goes well, but the iTunes movies transferring problem. It got me in trouble when I tried to transfer my iTunes movies from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5. Is there any easier way to copy the movies to Samsung Galaxy directly? I have so much movies and episodes stored in the iTunes library and I’m so desired to enjoy these movies with my new S5 with big screen.”

The Apple iTunes Store uses something called “FairPlay DRM”, a digital rights management system that does exactly what you’re talking about. All videos downloaded from iTunes store are encrypted by FairPlay DRM protection, and can’t be played on any Non-Apple products. On the other hand, the movies or TV show episodes we get from iTunes are usually formatted as M4V format, which is not supported by Samsung Galaxy S5. To correctly transfer iTunes movies to Samsung Galaxy S5 and make the M4V videos playable on this Android device, we have to crack the Fairplay DRM protection at first and then convert M4V to a common format compatible with Android device. MP4 format is the primary choice. 

Enter TuneKit DRM Media Converter for Mac. It’s a program that lets you strip off the digital rights management wrapped from video content that you buy or rent from the iTunes Store. For you, it’s perfect. With TunesKit for Mac, you can easily get rid of the Fairplay DRM protection from iTunes purchased or rental movies and episodes. What’s more, TunesKit supports MP4 format as output, which is what you need for playing on Samsung Galaxy S5. What’s worth to mention is that TunesKit can keep the original movie quality nearly 100% after the conversion. All video data including multi-language audio tracks, subtitles and AC3 5.1 surround, closed captioning, 1080P/720P HD resolution are retained well in the output MP4 videos. 

Now, let’s see how it works, because it’s sure easy and fast to use.

Here I am in iTunes, checking out the classic Twilight Zone series:

M4V to MP4 2

Scroll down; find an episode that’s particularly good (I recommend the terrific “Time Enough At Last”)

M4V Videos to MP4 3

Click on “Buy” and after you confirm your account password, it downloads and is ready to play.

You’ve already done this plenty of times, haven’t you? 

At this point, launch TuneKit for Mac and it shows a blank screen. Fairly austere:

M4V Videos to MP4 1

Click on the “Add Files” button along the top and a small window pops up with your iTunes DRM-protected content:

M4V Videos to MP4 7

That’s the episode I want to convert for my own Android Phone, so I’ll select it and click on “Convert”…

M4V Videos to MP4 4

It took about four minutes to convert a 25min TV episode so you can do the math for a 2hr movie or other content. Pretty fast, actually, and all subtitles, closed captioning, 5.1 surround sound, etc, are retained.

When it’s done, the converted video file is found by clicking “Converted” on the top right. Here’s the file:

M4V Videos to MP4 6

After thinking about all my options, I decided that the easiest way to get the file to my Android Phone was to tap Google Drive, so I just dragged it onto the Google Drive folder and let sync do its magic: 

M4V Videos to MP4 5

Since Google Drive is a free service which is available for Android through the Google Play store. You may have a different method, like just connect your Android phone to computer directly via USB port, then copy and paste the converted MP4 files to an appropriate folder in Android phone; maybe it’s a document folder. I haven’t tried this method. All preferred strategy for copying files across, but that’s all there is to it.


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