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Delete Not Used Images Free WordPress Plugin: Image Cleanup

Posted In Wordpress plugins - By Techtiplib on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 With No Comments »

Image Cleanup is another free WordPress plugin for delete not used image, which will index and allow you to delete unused images. Unused images are not indexed in the WordPress database and also not used by posts, scripts or backup restore meta data.

Image Cleanup-Delete Not Used Images


  • Save space taken up by unreferenced/backup images
  • Fix incorrect metadata (sizes)
  • Bulk repair/delete functionality
  • Pagination for extremely large result sets
  • Logs tabs easily visible for reviewing
  • Detailed information in log tabs
  • Full restore functionality
  • Especially useful for developers
  • Written as class to avoid any conflicts
  • Highly configurable to avoid memory and/or timeouts on some setups

Image Cleanup workflow details:

  • Retrieves all attachment images from the database (including size variants)
  • Finds all images in the wp-content folder
  • Subtracts the attachment (and size variants) from physical found images

Download the free WordPress plugin: Image Cleanup

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