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Don’t Get Sucked Into a Bad Contract with Your New iPhone 6

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Everybody and their mother could be spotted either queueing up outside of an Apple Store or sitting by the computer when the pre-order of the iPhone 6 began. Those who missed the big opening day have now found themselves in many cases without access to the product, and it may remain that way until October. Due to the wait times for the next shipment of iPhones to arrive, you now have time to comparison shop with different carriers and companies. It never makes sense to rush into a contract, and many iPhone 6 owners are now stuck with pricey contracts and support service. Despite the limited number of carriers available, you still have many different options when it comes to selecting a contractor.

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What Should I Look For?

Nobody should make a decision on a contract without first understanding what their phone will be used for. You’ll no doubt need a SIM card, as iPhones only work with SIM technology. Your plan should be balanced based on how you use the phone; whether that be how much you talk or how much data you use daily. There are a variety of tools that can keep up with this information, and your existing carrier’s online account probably will display this information for you to consider. You may be able to get by with only a small number of minutes, or maybe you talk a lot. Whatever the case, do your homework before you commit.

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Those who don’t use the internet for much more than simple browsing or email can often get by with as little as 1 to 2 GB of monthly data. Some people use their devices like desktops, however, and will require 5, 10 or even 20 GB of 3G or 4G data. For most people, however, 2-5 GB should be plenty.

Virtually all plans these days include unlimited texting, with a good number of them also including unlimited calling; the main consideration for most will be the amount of data they need. If you choose a plan that does not have unlimited calling, then you’ll need to assess how many calls you make each month. You can sometimes save money by choosing a plan that has a set number of minutes, instead of unlimited access.

A detailed description of all the SIM only plans for iPhones available can be found on SIM Only Expert.

SIM-Only or Traditional?

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If you want to get the latest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, then you’ll need to make a decision. Would you rather pay the total cost up front and enter into a SIM-only contract, or would you prefer to pay a smaller amount down in exchange for a two-year arrangement? Your finances and plans for the next one to two years may affect the decision, and should be considered.

Currently priced at £539, the base iPhone 6 is a great bargain for those who simply want the new features that Apple offers. You’ll pay £699 for the 128 GB version of the iPhone 6; if you need ample storage, then this may be a better choice for you. Anyone looking for the bigger screen that is now available can grab an iPhone 6 Plus, but they cost £619 at the low end and go up all the way to £789 for the 128 GB edition.

Anyone who wants to have a service contract, but not be obligated to it for two years will love a SIM-only contract. There is one option, where a simple £18 per month plan will get you unlimited calls, unlimited texts and up to 4 GB of 3G data. It may not be as fast as 4G data, but the price is simply unbeatable. A contract for one-year is required to get the pricing, but a previously-purchased iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will not be tied in with it.

The other great deal we scoured from searching carriers, comes from GiffGaff, and they have several plans that you can review here. One of their plans provides service for just 10 per month (like the Three offers), but includes unlimited texts, calls and at least 1 GB of data. Much like with Three, a twelvemonth agreement is required with any plan.

If you’re looking for a traditional contract that provides a lower upfront cost for the iPhone 6, then EE may be a great solution to consider. One well-rounded service plan that is offered provides users 2 GB of 4G data, as much calling as you’d like and unlimited texting around £45 per month. You’ll need to put down £150 for the new iPhone 6 and agree to a twenty-four month contract.

Another plan that may suit your active lifestyle is from O2. Through them, one plan with unlimited calling, unlimited texts and up to 2 gigabytes of data can be yours for just £38 per month. In order to get your hands on the latest iPhone, you’ll also need to pay £200 and sign an agreement for two years of service with O2. To find out more about O2’s offerings, check out their website.

Make the Right Decision

Ask yourself what services you need, and make the right decision. Also consider whether upgrading to the latest iPhone is a prudent decision financially-speaking. Once you have considered all the angles, you can then make the best decision for you and your family.

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