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Free Android game: Adventures of a Wizard

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This Android game is an elegant combination of a fairy-tale and an action story in this new platformer game. 

This story of Adventures of a Wizard happened on an island situated somewhere in the Mythical Ocean. The island was populated by sapient creatures of different kind, and this part of land had its own purpose. What purpose? Oh, but have patience!

Android game

Somewhere deep in a cave, there was a castle where a Wizard resided. No-one knows for sure who had built the castle and who lived there in the distant past. But let’s get back to our Wizard.

The Wizard talked to no-one, so nobody knew what the young mage occupies himself with. Actually, he occupied himself with astronomy, alchemy, and magic arts. By reading elfin books, the Wizard was perfecting his knowledge, until one day…

It happened when the Wizard inadvertently summoned a Demon from the shadowy otherworld. The Demon promised the Wizard unlimited opportunities and magic skills and Wizard became a medium of the Demon’s evil will without realizing it himself.

Since then, the Wizard’s soul divided in two – one part obeyed demon implicitly, and the other, on the contrary, retained some of the light that used to exist in the young wizard’s life.


  • Elegant combination of a fairy-tale and an action story in this new platformer game
  • More then 30 levels to learn
  • Super HD graphics

Download the Android game: Adventures of a Wizard

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