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Giveaway of remote control tool: O&O Syspectr Pro

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O&O Syspectr Pro is a powerful and useful remote control tool for that manages and remotes computer/server from your browser. It monitor your computer and servers for full of your Windows system such as: running processes, software installation, security issues Windows (UAC, anti-virus software, firewalls), connect the USB device, the more basic hard drive (used/free space, SMART status), and much more.

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Functions and modules of this remote control tool:

  • Hardware – details information on hardware and operating system
  • Software – shows the program is installed on the computer
  • Hard Disk – lists the hard drive and connect information on space use
  • Windows Security – monitoring the installation of Windows security setting and antivirus 
  • USB Monitor – to monitor and block storage devices USB
  • Hard disk health (O&O DriveLED) – assessment information from the drive hard, warning impending problems via SMART, for example, when the temperature exceeds or fails regularly write and read
  • Remote Desktop – is displayed in the browser
  • Remote Console – to open a command line on the remote computer
  • Process Watcher – white list and black list for process monitoring and services

O&O Syspectr Pro works with Windows 7, 8, Windows Server, Vista, XP (32 & 64 Bit)

To get a free license key of this remote control tool: Access the giveaway page here:, enter your email and follow the instructions

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