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iPhone 6: What to Expect

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The iPhone was touted as a smartphone that was years ahead of the competition at the time of its launch. The device was a perfect marriage of cutting-edge hardware with an intuitive operating system that made it look like a gadget out of a Star Trek movie. Seven years since its launch and despite facing stiff competition from arch rivals Samsung, iPhone continues to be popular among smartphone enthusiasts, especially in the North American continent.

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iPhone 5S camera

If rumors are to be believed, and they usually turn out to be true in Apple’s case, the electronics giant will be unveiling a new model of the iPhone – the iPhone 6; going by Apple’s naming convention – on September 9th.

Here’s a roundup of what Apple loyalists can expect from the flagship device:

iPhone 6 Screen Size

The company acknowledged that there has been high consumer demand for big screen phones and the company is expected to address that issue with the new release. iPhone 6 is speculated to be unveiled in two variants: one with a standard 4.7” screen and another “phablet” version with a 5.5” surface. The new dimensions will place the phone among elite offerings by rival brands. Some believe that the company might unveil the standard version first and delay its larger screen counterpart till the release of the next iPad, since no manufacturing evidence of the 5.5” model could be collected. Speculations also indicate a highly scratch resistant screen to ensure durability of the otherwise frail yet eye-catching constructions of previous models.

Design Material

If there is one thing Apple raises the bar for its design. Rumors of Apple filing a patent for liquidmetal 3D Printing suggest that the company might be looking to redesign its future devices from the ground up. However, whether the new iPhone will feature a brand new design remains to be seen. Alleged photos available in various technology blogs suggest that the new iPhone will be available in a premium metal finish – as previously seen in iPhone 5S.

Design Language and Other Features

Apple has consistently made its phone lighter and thinner – a trait fans can expect from the new device as well. Rumors doing rounds on the internet hint towards a thinner bezel which can potentially increase screen space. The front glossy panel appears tapered in leaked images with signature rounded edges that will be located adjacent to the rear shell. The proposed design aims to give the device a thinner and sleeker feel. Both the display assembly and front panel are engineered to connect smoothly to the rear shell of the device which will house all vital parts including the battery, Touch ID module, home button, lightning port assembly and logic port among others.

Apple Logo

Leaked schematics indicate that the phone will have an embedded Apple logo in the rear shell for aesthetic reasons. Speculation also suggests that the logo might light up but that claim remains unverified. The logo, however, is said to be “extraordinary” and fully scratch resistant.

Apple’s iPhone might not enjoy the lion’s share of the smartphone market but the phone can certainly hold its own against its rivals. The eagerly awaited product has always managed to increase Apple’s stock price by 23% before the launch, and according to analysts, the new model can propel Apple to great heights once more.

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