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Key Features and Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is one of the technological innovations that your business may regret not jumping on to. What is cloud computing? Simply put, the cloud is essentially a method of running your business’s systems on an external server grid facilitated by a cloud provider. These server grids are usually situated in farms where rows and rows of these servers store data and other information. You can either choose a private cloud network or a public cloud network – the difference being that public cloud computing is done on servers shared by other businesses. Before jumping on the bandwagon, it is important to look at some of the features and benefits of the cloud. Here are some features and benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

  1. Faster processing – Indeed, cloud computing is vastly more expedient than traditional on-site server application methods. Basically, cloud computing offers your business more bandwidth, so not only can your employees multitask, but they don’t have to worry about systems crashing as a result of maxing out memory space. This productivity will give your employees the power to double output without expending more man-hours.
  2. More storage – Another big benefit and amazing feature that cloud computing offers is more storage. More bandwidth means that more data can be stored. This can drastically free up your business in terms of server space, but you also don’t need to worry about crashes and data loss. Moreover, you can add more to the cloud’s storage facility without worrying about calling your IT department to clear your system’s cache and trash history. This can free up resources and help save your business money – it can also allow satellite contractors and employees the opportunity to work on projects remotely.
  3. Instant backup – One great feature of cloud computing is the ability to instantly back up data. There is a good chance that you are still backing up data the old fashioned way: at night or during off hours when your IT department sets all your hardware to upload to your servers. It probably takes many hours and costs your business a fortune. With cloud computing, your business doesn’t have to worry about backing up data – it is all done automatically. The best part is that data retrieval is incredibly easy.
  4. Excellent customer service – Cloud computing is also incredibly advantageous for business because it gives your business an embedded IT service. When you switch over to the cloud, it usually comes with that cloud provider’s customer service. If there are ever any issues, you can always contact customer service and troubleshoot your issue. Moreover, if there is ever a crash, you will have your cloud provider on your side to bring your system back online.
  5. Colocation services – Colocation is another service that many cloud providers – likeColotraq – offer. Colocation is simply a means of having your own server field in two locations to boost your cloud’s capacity. If you operate a large business, having two server locations can offer more capacity and more bandwidth, thus creating newer and better possibilities for your business.

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The primary advantage associated with the use of virtual private server hosting is the convenience of operation. Unlike the traditional system which makes it imminent to have a physical server, this setting allows the user to access and control the entire operation easily without having to play with the hardware setup. Any hardware that comes into the picture is complex, and VPS alleviates this challenge completely. With the absence of hardware components, the price is also drastically reduced. The customers are treated as guests on a server and they share space without affecting one another in the most remote manner.

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