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How to Save Your Battery on iOS 8

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A never-ending source of frustration for those of us with an iPhone is the continuous requirement to keep an eye on the battery, ensuring that the device has enough juice to keep it powered till the next charge. 

There are several changes you can make to ensure your device has enough charge for all of your needs:


Arguably the single biggest drain on battery life is the screen brightness. For the majority of situations, and the majority of us, we don’t need our screen to be on maximum brightness. Thus, keeping the brightness on at the lowest readable setting is perhaps the single biggest factor in helping increase the battery lifespan of the phone. If you don’t want to keep adjusting the brightness of your screen, you can use auto-brightness setting to automatically change brightness depending on the environment you are in. 

In addition to adjusting the brightness level is changing the screen background. For a small sacrifice of aesthetic, disabling dynamic backgrounds can ease the continuous drain that such backgrounds have on the battery.


Each of the different wireless signals of your phone eat up battery. We don’t necessarily use our GPS/Location Services, Airdrop, Wi-Fi, 4G, Hot Spot and Bluetooth at all times. For the most part, we only use them for certain functions. By deactivating these features when not in use, you can extend the longevity of your battery by a surprising length of time.


With iOS8, Apple finally introduced a battery usage feature that allows you to monitor battery usage per app in precise detail. This can lead you to having a better idea of how your device is using power, and what you can do about it. With this extra context, you can uninstall culprit apps or deactivate automatic push notifications or updates on specific apps.


There are a variety of general tips and techniques you can use to extend battery life as well. Keep your battery in a cool environment, avoiding direct sunlight whenever possible. Turn off the advanced Siri Raise to Speak functions if you aren’t using them, and disable vibrate mode if you coud do without it. Also keep an eye on your battery level to strategically plan options whenever your battery dips below 30 or 40%.


It is a smart idea to always carry with you an external battery pack, or perhaps even a case for your iPhone with a built-in battery pack. Battery packs are getting more design and space conscious each year, ensuring that an external battery source will add only minimal bulk and inconvenience. An external battery source can be a lifesaver when it is critical you need your phone to be functioning and you are not able to get to a charge in time.


iOS 8 brings a wealth of new features to your iPhone, ensuring that you are maximally functional and equipped to deal with countless life situations. All this functionality could come to a grinding halt however if your battery loses its charge. Thus, a bit of judicious thinking and strategy in managing your battery life can go a long way in ensuring you are able to take advantege of your iPhone in all scenarios in your life, and that it doesn’t die on you right in the middle of a critical task.

liGo electronics have put together a great infographic with 21 more tips you can carry out.

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