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Secure your iPhone Today, Upgrade to iOS 8

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If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS 8, Apple’s latest publications may help you make up your mind. Apple recently disclosed that the new iOS 8 fixes up to 53 difference 53 vulnerabilities the prior mobile OS had.

iOS 8

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In the more grievous of examples, an attack could take place on your phone allowing a remote attacked to execute code on your device with root privileges. Root privileges are similar to administrator rights on your computer, basically they can do anything they want to. This account is where you have the ability to modify your system, and grant or revoke access permissions. This flaw has now been corrected on iOS 8.

Location information was being sent unencrypted in the weather app. This meant the device owner’s location could be determined in an APT used to check local weather. This has been fixed by changing APT’s no longer allowing remote users access to your physical location.

In the world today we are constantly hearing about security or privacy breaches. Without the iOS 8, your device is vulnerable to being attacked for your personal data. An attacker could access information that is sensitive, such as User IDs or log on IDs. Some attackers could determine your Kernel Memory. In computer systems the ‘Kernel’, is the core bit of the operating system. This is the part that allows you to ‘talk’ to the hardware. Kernel Memory, helps to prevent any accidents from occurring such as bad apps trying to access your memory. 

Even the address book has received some security improvements encrypting it with a key which is protected by the hardware and user’s passcode. This will prevent, should a person take your phone, being able to read your address book.

Another risk listed was with accessibility. The impact of the risk is stated as the device might not lock the screen when using Assistive Touch. The lock timer has been addressed with improved handling. When installing Apps, it now stages files for installing in another directory. This prevents an attacker from being able to write to/tmp or allowing it to run un-intended code and install an unverified App with malicious intents.

The App Face Time is now improved with the addition of a confirmation prompt. Previously when a tap was performed on Face Time link in Mail, it opened an audio call without a prompt.

The unlock request had been changed. The information a device requires to lock down is now different. This will stop the device from incorrectly going to the home screen when it should be in activation mode. 

Data Protection has been improved in regards to email attachments. This will now protect your email attachments from being read should someone take your device.

The browser, Safari, has been improved in regards to auto-fill. There is now better origin tracking. Credentials will no longer be disclosed to unintended sites via auto-fill. The saved passwords have also been restricted in auto-fill. The feature will now be restricted to the main frame of https sites that have a valid certification.

Improved memory handling has now been addressed in Webkit. Previously when visiting a malicious website, it could lead to unexpected application termination, or code execution. 
These are some of the risks addressed and corrected with iOS 8. For the complete list you can visit the Apple website.

Outside of the vulnerabilities the iOS 8 will fix, which are immensely serious, there are also features you’ll gain. There is a health-tracking app available, as well as new camera features and Wi-Fi calling plus more. There are an abundant reasons for installing the iOS 8 update today.

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