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The Seo guide for beginner designers

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Majority of web designers focus on the building of websites without considering their function as an online marketing platform. However, this should not be the case as many companies are looking to invest websites that are search engine-friendly so that they can rank highly on results displayed by various search engines. In basic terms, a website that is considered search-friendly is one that has been developed in a way that allows it to be picked up quickly by search engines without any online marketing being done by the company. It is for this reason that many developers with experience in making such sites are in demand both from small and large businesses.


Nevertheless, beginner designers also have the chance to develop this skill over time so that they can offer quality websites to their customers. Development of search engine-friendly sites can be achieved in time by following this simple seo guide:

Proper URL construction

From the perspective of an online user, URLs are very valuable as they give them a glimpse of what to expect in the content on the website. Therefore, it should be descriptive but still short in length to ensure that it is fully seen in search results. In addition, use keywords as part of the URL but avoid using a lot of them as the result may be tripping spam filters. Proper URL positioning is important for every work project. URL construction is highly valuable for internet marketing.

Link structures should be crawlable

Apart from looking through content to rank a website on search engines, they also need links to direct them to the information displayed. It is therefore important that new website developers create a link structure that can be easily used by the search engines. If the navigation of the web design makes it inaccessible to search engines then the pages on the website are likely not to be published regardless of the content displayed. Good SEO advices and news are available on the internet. So you can follow these to get better knowledge on this topic.

Use HTML text

As designers, it is important to ensure that the information on the site is clearly visible to search engines through the use of indexable content. In most cases, the use of HTML text in all the pages on the site increases the chance of it being listed on popular search engines. When using images, it is crucial that they are accompanied by a transcript text to ensure that they can be indexed by search engines resulting in higher rankings. Only HTML text can bring you good and long lasting ranks on Google. So you can use HTML texts to improve your ranking.

Prominent use of keywords

Most developers focus on the structure of the website and might ignore the content that is to be displayed on it. The content plays a big role in search engine optimization and it needs to have relevant keywords sprinkled within the article for better ranking. When working on the web design, it is advisable to use the keywords in areas such as meta data, titles and text so that the chances of being ranked highly is increased. SEO optimizers have to put effective keywords in their contents at the time of posting.

In conclusion, most beginner designers get better with time and so the challenges faced at the onset of developing seo-friendly websites will soon be a thing of the past.

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