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Top 3 Techniques to Succeed With the SEO Today

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There are people who easily get succeed with SEO and they do 2 things very well. The first identification of the search engine optimization techniques that get them positive results. Second, they put their hundred percent resources into scaling and executing those techniques. But those who are lacking SEO techniques wonder how to find SEO strategies that can actually work for them. Here in this article you will find plenty of useful information that will help you in finding the right techniques.

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1. Ascertain unused keywords on Reddit

You might not know that Reddit is a goldmine of keyword research. Where else you can find millions of people and communities discussing things on almost every possible article under one sun? When you will read discussions you are going to find some amazing keywords that you are never going to find anywhere else. For example, if you are selling beauty products then head over to search on Reddit and search for” beauty products”. You are going to find plenty of search results for that keyword.

2. Make killer description tags and title with copy ad words

Everyone knows the importance of description tags and compelling titles. These get you more clicks in SERPs. There are ways by which traffic can be easily stolen from the top three results. But how you are going to find out that which your targeted audiences is. Well, this is very simple and easy, you can look at the Ad words ads. The ad words ads which you see for the keywords are the outcomes of the split tests and that may be hundreds or thousands in number. Split tests are used to maximize the clicks. These elements can be used to turn your descriptions and articles into click magnets. For example, if you are publishing a blog around keyword “glass flasks”. First, you can take look at the ad, words ads for your keywords. Make sure you keep an eye for the interesting copy of those ads and that can work into your descriptions and title.

3. Find broken link opportunities

The broken link is having everything that is required. It is white hat, scalable, powerful but there is only one problem with it; finding broken links is a great pain only if you are having little knowledge in the Wikipedia editing system. When the editor of Wikipedia stumbles on a dead link and they don’t delete the link in an accurate manner instead they add footnote next to link saying dead link. This footnote gives chances to other editors to confirm that the link is dead before removing. You can also use Wiki Grabber that is a new tool and allows you to search for the dead links on Wikipedia pages. After finding a dead link you can recreate that link and also replace dead links in Wikipedia, along with yours. To get the most out of your dead links pop it into ‘ahrefs’.

Use Wikipedia

There are plenty of opportunities that you will get on Wikipedia to find broken links and it has all such as scalability, power and white hat SCO. The only thing that you will have to get through is that broken link is a huge pain as mentioned earlier. This problem is more complicated if you are not aware of the editing system of Wikipedia. This link provides other with a chance to know that this is a dead link. And this footnote makes the broken links search very simple. To get the most out of the dead links use this strategy, in Wikipedia you will find dead links that have numerous authoritative sites

These are the few techniques that will help you in succeeding with SEO in India. Many have seen results using these techniques and are still getting benefits.

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