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The top Android Rooting Apps of the year

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On Linux-based operating system, including Android Cell phones, the root user is privileged to run the code which needs administrator privileges authorization to work. To enable the user to access the root we need software that allows “Rooting” the Android phone, which in turn allows your device to override this limitation and you can run code as you get administrator privileges as the root user. A rooted device can install and use apps that are not normally permitted. As there are thousands of root apps available, that allow rooting.

Android Rooting Apps

Here is a quick look at the top 8 in my opinion to help you decide which suites you best:

  1. Greenify: The Android system drains your battery faster and does so even when phone is not in use. (iOS deals with background apps in a different way that prevents this issue.) Greenify allows you to freeze these apps and reclaim battery life. If you have a lot of apps installed, you’ll be amazed how much your battery life improves with Greenify.
  2. Titanium Backup: Titanium Backup utility backs up your apps and data to your devices SD card. As restoring apps from SD card is faster from than from the Net / Google Play Store. Reloading is needed each time you install a new custom ROM while rooting. Titanium Backup has been around for a long time, comes with good developer support, and is recommended as an easy to use and apply app.
  3. AdAway: this is available from the F-Droid app repository, and blocks all ads on your device, including ads on web pages and inside apps. It is an absolute must-have if you use your device to browse the net.
  4. ROM Toolbox Pro: This app gives you the ability to use several important root utilities, like reboot to recovery and a build.prop editor. If you root your device, you will sooner than later need to use these apps. The ROM Toolbox Pro allows you a good way to do these.
  5. BetterBatteryStats: This app has unparalleled power to figure out the source of unknown battery drain by reporting kernel wake locks and partial wake locks. Though it has a steep learning curve, but once you get round to understanding its use, you will be glad you did. However if you use Greenify, BetterBatteryStats should be used rarely.
  6. WiFi Tether Router: Previously, many custom ROMs came bundled with the TrevE WiFi, which has not been updated for a while does not work on newer KitKat devices. WiFi Tether Router, from Google Play Store, allows tethering your device’s cellular connection without counting against your hotspot plan, and you can tether without paying for a hotspot plan. Beware that this may contravene terms of contract.
  7. Tasker: Tasker is a unique and super-powerful app that lets you program your Android for complex tasks in the background without intervention. Like have your Android play music when connected to your car’s Bluetooth stereo; disable the lock screen when on your home Wi-Fi network. The learning curve is even steeper than the BetterBatteryStats, but the time spent is worth it. You may use Google to find Tasker tutorials to save learning time.
  8. Xposed Framework: Many root apps come in the form of Xposed plugins rather than as standalone apps. To take advantage of these plugins you will need the Xposed Framework installed; and if your custom ROM does not already include it, you should consider installing it immediately after rooting.

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