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Why is Mac So Slow?

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Macs are known for their incredible fast processing speed but there are times when these systems operate contrary to the norm. If your Mac is running much slower than it normally does, this can cause frustration and can highly hinder productivity. There are solutions that can get your system up and running. A number of software are available on the market that are built to be used on macs to clean up space and help you to breathe a sigh of relief. Here are a number of reasons why Mac computers might end up running slower than you would like.
Speed Up Your Mac

One too Many Widgets

Widget can help to find applications easily but they can also cause problems in the long run. Each widget you install means that you are harping on the memory, contributing to a slower running system. If you can locate and remove those widgets that are taking most of your memory, you might start seeing an improvement in your system.

Preference Files Might be Corrupted

If your mac is moving slow, you might consider a number of things that are contributing to this. One option you might look at is if your mac has corrupted preference files. This will cause your mac to move slowly. You might have to end up removing the application from your system that is causing it to slow down. A good cleaning can seriously improve your system performance. There are a number of mac cleaning software available on the market that can run regular checks on your mac so that it can detect problems that can seriously hamper its performance. One of the best software to improve system performance is MacKeeper. It scans your system for possible problems and automatically removes junk files.

Temporary Files or Caches

We have all heard of how temporary files that might initially seem small will eventually lead to big problems. One such problem is your Mac beginning to move at a snail’s space. Temporary files often remain hidden n places where a manual check won’t bring them up. These you can clear regularly so that they don’t get backed up and cause your Mac’s performance to be slow. You can choose to remove these cached files manually or install the software Onyx to have the system cleaned regularly.

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Overcrowded Desktop

If you see that your Mac is moving too slow, you might want to check what is happening on your desktop. Is your screensaver animated, causing more space to be utilized or if your desktop is so crowded that you can barely see your screensaver, you can be giving your computer the leeway to act and process information slower than normal. Placing your files in a folder or having them organized in the home directory will help you to alleviate your problem.

Start Up Files

Booting up your system can seem to take forever if you have a number of applications simultaneously starts up. These applications can seriously slow down your mac making it perform below its normal standards. If you deselect these options from your start up menu you will have fewer applications to start up when you boot up your computer. Some applications can also take up more space than others. If you have applications installed that is hardly used or that you might have never used at all, it might be best to uninstall them.

Exploring more than one option might be the best thing when it comes to cleaning up your mac so that it can return to a faster speed. It is wise to have software that constantly checks to alert you of when your mac is having performance problems.

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