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7 Interesting Features Of Yosemite OS X10.10:

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The Yosemite OS X10.10 has been allowed for downloading and upgrading for Apple’s devices. The great interesting features of this OS X are: new interface looks modern purely, sleek and flat (like iOS 7). Besides, Yosemite will have a good interactive with iOS by the ability to receive calls and messages from the iPhone, supporting the new iCloud Drive™.

Yosemite OS X

Here are 7 interesting features of Yosemite OS X10.10:

  1. Interface flat with new style – The iOS 7 interface ideas are quickly applied on the new version of Yosemite OS X 10.10. The Apple icons are re-designed and fonts look better and more beautiful. The Notification Center bar is very similar to iOS 7, but now you can add interactive widgets: world clock, calculator, weather…
  2. Spotlight on desktop and detected more information – Spotlight is the most use feature by Mac’s users, it now be pulled out freely on your desktop. You will search more information from the tool bar as get information from search engines, discover information on Wikipedia…
  3. Editor and mailing easier with Email – The Markup feature lets you easy to enter information as well as add e-mail signature. Mail Drop allows users to send video files up to 5GB large capacity from the Mail app. Especially, you can also edit images directly in Mail app.
  4. Continuity feature – Now the iOS 8 and Yosemite OS X 10.10 will work together through the Continuity feature very effectively, that means you can easily continue the work being done on your Mac through your iPhone or transfer your iPad. If you use an iPhone and Mac, you also can easily receive messages and calls on the Mac. This feature is limited to a few Macs and iOS devices, but you can use Continuity Activation Tool to overcome this limitation.
  5. iMessage improvement – Make calls, receive messages from your Mac – When connecting iPhone to Mac with Continuity feature, users can receive messages and calls from your Mac. The SMS/MMS messages can be displayed on the OS X Yosemite Messenger. And users in a group on iMessage can leave the chat group to avoid being bothered. The new iMessage has a new interactive voice feature with sound and clips are exchanged between users.
  6. Safari improvement – Safari now is very easy to use with the simple toolbar,  it allows you to quick access to all your favorite website addresses. The webpages can be displayed as a thumbnail, Spotlight Suggestions.
  7. iCloud Drive – With an Apply ID, Apple provides you 5Gb free of the storage drive – iCloud Drive. You can access each application’s data through folders, data management and search easily from Spotlight.

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