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How to Boost your Instagram Follower

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Every day there are around 45 million photographs posted on Instagram. With all that noise, how can you get your posts to stand out? The answer lies with the mighty #hashtag.

When used correctly, the hashtag is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can get your posts and your brand noticed by large numbers of users. However, when used incorrectly, hashtags are about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Read more Business strategies with Instagram for successful.

Growing your following on Instagram is not something that happens overnight. You need to put in consistent effort and follow the right etiquette; get it right and you’ll start to notice an improvement in your engagement and your following…

Follow and interact

Use hashtags to search for users that are posting content that is of interest to you. Interact with these profiles by following them, liking photos, and leaving comments on photos. Not everyone will follow you back, so don’t take it to heart. Just carry on being interactive and you will notice a difference eventually.

Post unique content

Make sure you post unique and interesting photos. Constantly posting photos of your products straight from your website won’t win you any followers, but being creative, unique, and relevant will. Whatever you post, be sure to add a caption to your image so that users know exactly what they’re looking at.

Be timely and consistent

Be sure to post your photos at the right time of day for maximum impact and exposure. Mornings, lunchtimes, and early evening when most people have finished work are the key times of day when Instagram users log on to see what’s happening. After a while you may find that your posts are particularly well-received at a specific time of day; once you’ve identified the peak posting time make sure you are consistent in posting at this time. Your followers will come to expect it and will come back for your regular posts.

Use hashtags correctly

Hashtags are the best way of opening your content up to Instagram users that are not already following you. Try to limit yourself to three hashtags per photo, and keep them as relevant as possible. It may be tempting to tag your photo with a popular hashtag about a current trend, but if it has no relevance to your post it’ll only serve to turn people off. If your hashtag contains more than one word make sure you don’t leave a space; and it’s worth noting that spell-check won’t pick up on spelling mistakes in a hashtag, so check it before you post it!

Beware of these hashtagging faux pas

Using hashtags in the wrong way can actually do more harm than good to your marketing campaign. Try to avoid making the following mistakes where possible…

  • #Avoid #tagging #every #word – Tagging every single word in your post will make it look cluttered, meaning users will lose track of what you are trying to say and move on to another post. Keep your posts simple, to-the-point, and easy to read by limiting yourself to three hashtags only; and make those hashtags completely relevant to your topic.
  • #DontStringTooManyWordsTogether – You can use multiple words, with the spaces omitted, but just don’t overdo it. The longer the hashtag, the harder it is to read, and the less likely it is being searched for, thus rendering it pointless! Keep your hashtags short and sweet, and use a capital letter at the start of each word to make it easier to read.
  • Don’t jump on a trend if it’s not relevant: Millions of Instagram users might all be posting photos tagged with the same trend, but if your posts aren’t relevant to that trend then don’t try to join in. Using an irrelevant hashtag will make you look like you’re trying a bit too hard for followers. Let this one pass; there’s sure to be a relevant trend along soon enough.

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