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Compress PST Software to Reduce Outlook Data File Size

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Compress PST tool can be a probable remedy for users who are suffering from large sized PST file issues. Many users are unaware of steps to be taken for managing their PST files and end up with a very large sized, unmanageable, Outlook storage file. This ultimately hammers the performance of MS Outlook and can be threatening in future also. Compress PST software can be a foolproof solution to reduce PST size without making any manual deletion or data loss of emails or any other data items.

Simplicity of this software is a major advantage for users as many users find such kind of technical tools little complicated to run. This software is ready to serve you even if you are a non-technical user.

The processing of compression is done on the file you add; however, the output is different from the source file. This means that there are no changes done on the original file which remains as it is and a new compressed file is generated. But at user’s perspective one should always make a copy of original PST file and only then process this tool on it.

Outlines of PST Compressing Tool:

  • Tool is not restricted to certain version of MS Outlook application and works for all the PST files belonging to all the versions including MS Outlook 2013 and all below versions. This means that software works for both ANSI and Unicode PST files.
  • Processes PST files in batch which can be done by adding multiple PST files at once. This saves time and efforts as well of adding PST files one by one.
  • Compression is done to minimal size possible without any data loss. You have an option of removing attachments, but that is optional.
  • Using multiple Compression options one can attain output as per his choice. This means that there will not be any data loss and still the file will be compressed reducing the original size.
  • Remove Attachment option can be utilized to delete or remove the attachments from PST file permanently which will automatically reduce the PST file size and the compression is done on the PST which further reduces its size.
  • Extract and Save Attachments option extracts the attachments of emails of PST file and saves it in another folder. PST file is then compressed and saved in the location you provided.
  • Extract, Save and Compress Attachments is a little advance option to the former one. This will not only separate out attachments and save them but also will compress them as .zip file reducing its size. This will make its storage more manageable.

Steps of Compress PST Working:

The whole execution of Compress PST tool can be summed up as AddCompressSave. But here thorough steps are mentioned which have to be followed for software execution. This will help you to judge the working, know the execution for running it, and also analyzing the features;

1. First, launch the software after its proper installation. Software needs not to make any account or sign-up, it will run directly once you click on the software.

Compress PST main

2. A window will appear in front of you with a Main Menu and other options. The interface of the software is very basic and less complicated. You will be able to see options to add the PST files which needs to be compressed.

3. There are two options available; Add File and Add Folder. In case you are having a single PST file to be compressed the go to Add File If you have multiple PST files in same folder then choose Add Folder.

Compress PST add file-folder

4. Once you select Add File, another pop-up window opens up to add PST file from system. You can select the PST which you want to compress.

Note: There is no option to drag and drop or copy-paste and you have to add file through this option only.

5. Remove option is available for removing any unwanted PST. So you can utilize this option if any unnecessary file has been added which you don’t want to compress.

Compress PST remove files

6. Now go to Browse option and click it. This option is to provide a location to save the output as compressed PST file. Once you click this option, again another window will pop-up in which you can provide the location.

Compress PST browse files

7. Now click on Compress PST button to proceed.

Compress PST

8. Here you get various Compress options which can be chosen by you as per your need.

  • Remove Attachment: This will completely remove the attachments from PST file and compress the PST file. This means you will lose your attachments.
  • Extract & Save Attachments: This will first extract and collect all the attachments and will save it in different folder and then it will compress PST file.
  • Extract, Save and Compress Attachments: This option will extract the attachments and will save them as .zip file by compressing them also in separate folder.

Compress PST remove attachments

9. Now click on Compress which will initiate the compressing process on the Outlook PST file.

Compress PST start

10. Progress of compression will be shown on the screen.

Compress PST finished

11. When the compression is done and finished, a message of successful compression is also shown. Here click OK.

Technical Aspects of Compress PST Tool

What you need to run this tool is;

  • System with any Windows Version (Windows 8.1 and all below version will work).
  • Processor of your system must have minimum 1 GHz processor, RAM of minimum 512 MB and free Hard Disk Space of 5 MB.
  • MS Outlook application configured in your system with a dummy or valid account.
  • MS Outlook can belong to any versions (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013(32 bit)).

Compress PST Specifications;

  • Latest Version is 3.1, which should be preferred as it is advance and is embedded with latest facilities.
  • Size of software is 1.3 MB and is available in English language.
  • Software is available as Personal, Business and Enterprise licenses.

Where to get this Software?

  • Software is available online.
  • Demo version is also available which is free.
  • Once tried the demo version which is recommended, you can purchase the full version as demo version has some limitations.


The overall performance of the tool is remarkable and significant. The output you get is satisfying as a compressed PST file with reduced size. The best thing is there is no data loss and still PST file gets reduced. The only peril, or we can say room for improvement with this Compact PST file tool is that it might not work with damaged PST file. And hence your PST file must be in healthy condition. But apart from this scenario, software is ready to give you a compressed and reduced PST file efficiently.

My rating for this Compress PST tool is 4.7/5!

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