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Computers In Everyday Life

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Many of us remember time, when idea of personal computer in every home sounded like a science-fiction story. When we already get used to this, we had to face another changes, that seemed pretty impossible a while earlier. Internet and mobile devices are being used by almost everybody, whose financial status let them own it. In near future wearables, like smartwatches or google glass, may join the must have of technology. All of those are designed to connect to the internet, without which we can’t imagine our life these days. Traditional model of communication changed completely and evolved into multiple social media platforms, which unite 74% of all internet users. For some of us it is “change” or “progress”, because we always compare present situation to the past. But what about the kids? What is the impact of modern technology on their mental and physical development?

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Kids and technology

Today, youngsters start their relationship with computers very early. Even 1-2 years old kids use touchable devices, like smartphones or tablets. Specially designed applications may develop and train creativity of kids, but are also increasing their requirements. When kids play a lot with unreal, fantastic world, it may be more difficult to impress them with more traditional, less colorful and shiny toys. Also their motoric skills may be less advanced, due to lack of move, which should be provided by traditional playing.

For older kids we can specify few different dangers coming from computer using. Kids that overuse computer may suffer from faulty body posture, or wrist problems (carpal tunnel syndrome). There is also connection between staring at a monitor and sight defects. Another problem, kids will face today is lack of interpersonal skills. People who grew up with videogames, first consoles or computers didn’t use internet. They still had to make friends and contact them traditionally. Today youngsters use internet and social media to keep in touch with each other. Interactions in internet are more anonymous. Even if kids know one another, they still can hide real emotions. When kids get use to that, real contact may be a challenge for them.

Another risk, related to presence of kids in the internet is contact with other users. One of the classic school problems, which entered completely new level thanks to the internet, is bullying. Today it can happen not only in school, but after school, on weekends, shortly, all the time. Social media makes it easier to share information and rumors. There are new possibilities, which include sending or posting images and videos. As with bullying, cyberbullying take place without parents or teachers being aware of it. Too few parents is active on social media and even if they are, kids change their preferred platforms, just to hide from them.

There are many other dangers waiting for youngsters. It is easy to get addicted to technology, including games and internet. Other danger is becoming potential victim of pedophile. Both of those are well discussed topics, that society is more and more aware of.

Is there a solution?

It is sure, that blocking access to computer or internet isn’t an option. Kids need their computers for doing homework and it is almost sure, that their future work will require using one. Even games are so popular hobby, that cutting kids off them might affect their relations with peers. Problem isn’t technology itself, but how kids use it. Real solution is to bring balance. It is important to educate kids why they shouldn’t do whatever they want. When talking isn’t enough great choice is one of the third-party parental control software. It allows you to limit time your kid can spend on computer. You can block certain websites and programs, and what’s more you can block dangerous content, like pornography.

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