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Fitbit Surge SmartWatch – Smart way to stay updated

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Market is eagerly waiting for the Fitbit Surge, which is going to be launched this week. Many people must be wondering this multi-function watch will hit the market or not. However, the probability and its function will surely loved by users.

I will reveal one by one how this watch is worth buy.

The company has launched three fitness trackers that are Fitbit Purepulse, Charge and Surge. If you have seen Charge and Fitbit PurePulse function then I would say grab now the new brand Fitness Surge as it is best among them. Surge has a smartwatch look and it has an amazing feature like built-in GPS tracker.

Fitbit Surge is very helpful for the users due to its worthwhile function. The long listed features will give the users a hope for the stuff they have as their belonging.

Fitbit Surge

I am going to mention few of the features, which is beneficial for your usability. Let us have your look for the different and worthy features of the Surge which you can wear whole day. Check out below:

  1. It can trace your daily timing of day and night. Surge is helpful for you to record your sleep and can wake you up with the help of silent alarm.
  2. It offers you facility of login meal intake and can check your health progress.
  3. You can be notified for your messages and calls.
  4. Surge will help you handling music playback.
  5. It can track your fitness level and your daily workout details, as you can see below:
  • How much calories you have reduced.
  • How much floors you have stepped.
  • How much heart rate you have.
  1. Its GPS tracking features will be really a great help for the users as it can review routes, get distance, pace etc.
  2. This wristwatch can take care of your sports activity as well. It can record you run, can check your intensity for cross training and so on.
  3. As far as design is concerned then Fitbit Surge is all the way cozy wristwatch and it is available in three colors like Black, slate and tangerine.

You can connect Fitbit Surge wirelessly to your PC and to your 60 leading smartphones.

You can see from above description that this watch is versatile enough to fulfill your need. Surge will highlight your daily lives with ease and hassle-free. 

I am finding this wristband all the way profitable and worth buy due to its strength to cover almost all your daily activities. In this fast life, it will make you more productive and it will turn out to be great solution for the people like us.

So, Fitbit Surge will be the new things for many.

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