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Free Android Game: Slydris

Posted In Android - By Techtiplib on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 With No Comments »

Get free the Android game Slydris – a strategic puzzle game which you try to clear rows of cubes that appear after each move you make! The critically-acclaimed puzzle game makes it was to the Kindle Fire! Slydris is a unique and engaging puzzle game with a simple premise but deceptively deep gameplay. 

There are 3 fantastic modes:

  1. Infinite: a new set of blocks drops after every move you make, so take as much time as you want. Clear 25 lines to move onto the next level.
  2. Zen: functions similarly to Infinite Mode, but the difficulty is more dynamic, there are no achievements or scores to worry about, and your game will never end.
  3. Survival: you have 10 seconds to make as many moves as you can to clear the lines of blocks, then a barrage of blocks will drop, and the cycle begins again. Quick thinking and nimble fingers are required to do well.

Android Game


  • Unique and elegant block-dropping gameplay
  • 3 fantastic modes let you decide how to play
  • Special blocks keep the gameplay fresh and interesting for hours of enjoyment

Get the Android game: Slydris

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