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Galaxy Note 5: An Imaginative Concept

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How long had it been since the Galaxy Note 4 was announced, like a month? Well not even a month yet. The technology world is so fast that it can’t even wait a few months to start gossiping about the next upcoming flagship device in a particular series. The Galaxy Note series is already a very popular and productive smartphone device range for people who need taking their works off a workstation and on the move. The S-pen provides such mobility that no other device is yet able to provide, not even the more powerful Apple devices. That’s what makes all Note devices special, and now we are wondering what else could be the other factors that make the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 a wonder device. Here’s our concept for it.

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Galaxy Note 5

Brilliant Design

Design has always been the most important aspect. The bar shaped design may be more practical for a device that you can actually use as a paper and write on it, but after five successive devices it turns dull. There could be some tweaks in the design apart from making it larger by a few centimeters.

A curved display will not be much practical than a straight display, However, the curved edge on a corner like the Galaxy Note Edge could be really helpful at times. How about utilizing the rear portion of the phone as well?

Yes, that’s a huge portion of blank space the manufacturers could use. Maybe not the whole of it, but a little bit. For those moments when you don’t feel like taking the whole flip cover off just to check a tiny text message or snooze an alarm. Just one-fourth of the display would do the job.


Samsung is not really into making unibody phones. But turns out, it might be necessary sometimes. Especially when shipping the phones abroad, it often happens that the shopkeepers pull out the original batteries and fill it up with cheap ones. As a result, the performance greatly falls.

Not only that, unibody phones feels more compact in hand while the detachable back smartphones still feel cheaper, no matter how premium designed they are or the amount of metal used. Galaxy Note 5 should be the pioneer to start unibody phone trend from Samsung.

Different Styled S-pen

Why does the S-pen have to sit right there in the bottom? Or, why does it have to occupy the whole long space inside there? The pen could just be folded down into one and a half inches; the users would just pull them out while needed. This could make better space utilization inside the chassis.

Dual Boot OS

Enough with single OS Android smartphones; what if they could run two OS at a time? Even though Samsung does not show any interest about pairing with Microsoft to introduce smartphones running on Windows Phone, but this could be a game changer. Both operating system offers different set of productivity and skills and when they come together under one hardware package, it can certainly bring the most out in a device and you.


Officially there has not been anything on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We were wondering whether Samsung is looking for ideas for their upcoming Note smartphone and came up with this. How do you agree with us? Let us know!

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