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HTC One M9 with buzz making specs probably to wrap off post MWC 2015

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HTC One M8 was a decent stuff, and apparently the next edition, the HTC One M9 has made it’s presence over the web. First of all, it has dragged a lot of attentions, as after a long while HTC has brought any device for its fans. The M8 from HTC was unveiled during March this year following the conventional trend of putting the wraps off post a few days of MWC. The next MWC is going to be held during March next year. Hence, it is pretty much expected that the M9 will be there for the fans during mid March or April first.

Full HD is something less, QHD on its way:

Nothing much has been unveiled regarding M9, apart from those of the rumour mills. However, good news is that M9 is going to witness something revamped than the predecessor M8 this time. To be honest, the M8 was not a fabulous like from the Samsung, or Apple flagships. Anyway, the rumour mills suggest the M9 is going to pack a 5.2 inch display along enhanced pixel resolutions. Buzz is that the device is going to pack the QHD display. On this context, the Full HD is going to be something low key, especially considering the stronger competitors.

HTC One M9Processors and OS:

Talking about the performance, the M9 is supposed to run through Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU. In addition, some others claim it to pack even more enhanced chipset, or processor in terms of Snapdragon 810. Needless to say that HTC M9 will be playing under the Android platforms.

Snappers and technologies:

Talking about others, the device is expected to pack an enhanced snappers with better mega pixel. There will be water resistive, and dust resistive characteristics as well. Buzz is that an impressive 4400 mah battery is going to power the device. Some others are even expecting the anti-Glare technology kind of things, or Gesture control with the upcoming M9. Anyway, the Taiwanese manufacturer has yet to make any statement regarding all those buzz.

However, HTC still has to confirm the rumours pertaining to the HTC One M9. But, there are a few specs below those are among the highest expectations from fans

What fans would love the most:

This is something the best way HTC can satisfy its fans. Undoubtedly the upcoming M9 is going to be a high end device, and the Sapphire Crystal glass will perfectly live-up with the class. Apart from a stunning look, the blend is going to provide the device with higher level of protection as well.

It is here to mention that if Sapphire display appears with the upcoming M9, then it would certainly answer in a strongest possible way to the rivals like Apple, or Samsung. In fact, the highly buzzed iPhone 6 is not having the same quality.

Bath loving and dust resistive:

Specs like water and dust resistance have become quite common experience as of snappers, or music. If not a deep sea swimmer, the upcoming M9 is speculated to be a bath loving device. Talking about the dust resistive nature, we hope it to be at least of Sony Xperia Z standard.

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