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iPad Pro Rumors features and release date

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Apple would be releasing their next tablet device pretty soon, and unfortunately we are not sure whether it is going to be named iPad 6 or iPad Pro. However, there are plenty of rumors circling the release of this new tablet device; definitely because everyone is so excited about any Apple product hitting the market! However, this particular tablet could even be named iPad Plus or iPad 6 Plus as well; we have no idea yet. Of course the tab is going to bring some exciting new features, and probably a bigger 12.9 inch display. What more should we expect from the iPad Pro? We are going to find out.

iPad Pro

Bigger Display Size

iPads had never exceeded the 10 inch display size barrier. And among all other tabs in the market, iPads were the only branded ones with a square shaped display. The 9.7 inch iPads are comfortable to hold and use as well, however they might not be sufficient enough to provide the best experience at times. With 64 bit architecture, comes more demand as well as bigger display size. Considering every possible scenario, Apple might introduce an iPad with 12.9 inch display, Retina. So the most fussed thing about the new iPad is the huge 12.9 inch display. Is it a marketing strategy to stand against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro? Well, we need not say anything, you already know.

No words on the exact display resolution yet, but to maintain Apple’s standard of Retina display, it will certainly be higher than 300 ppi. We have heard stuffs about a 4k display; or 2k at least.


According to a latest addition to the rumors, we came to know about the processor to be used in the upcoming iPad Pro. It is going to be an Apple A8X chip. Slightly more powerful version of the same A8 chip used in the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; and maybe even the iPad 6 as well. 64 bit desktop class architecture will definitely make iPad Pro more productive and make the name totally worth it. If an S-pen is highly necessary and you are not an Android fan, you might have a bad time suiting yourself up to it.


When you can take your works off any boundaries, you will definitely take it with you anywhere you go. Thus your important data moves with you and security is a bigger concern than ever. To protect your data from being theft or some intruder getting their hands on it, Apple has always put the most of their efforts. The TouchID is a very strong biometric password and alongside that, the traditional ways of locking your device stays. And even if the device ever gets stolen or lost, use the iCloud Lock feature to wipe your device and disable it. 

Release Date

The larger iPad might make its debut on early 2015. The iPad launching events usually take place around March of every year; and we believe the iPad Pro will be no different. The MWC 2015 could be one turning point for the year 2015 with Samsung and Apple’s new devices coming up. 


Size does matter sometimes when it comes to portable devices. Bigger display means more room for working, yet less portability. We would be eagerly waiting to see what impact it creates on the market. 

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