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Responsive Web Design Assuring Long Term Investment

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Everybody is opting for responsive web design. If you approach a web development company and ask for their advice, they would even suggest you to go for responsive website. So, what is so special about such a design? Well, this is comparatively younger technology influenced the mind of enthusiastic developers because of its ability to keep pace with future innovations. The increasing usage of portable devices has made it necessary to develop a design that encompasses all the functions, which were initially accessible only through PCs or laptops. You might want to access a website through your gadgets rather than opening the computers, if the site fails to response on the device, your work suffers. This is when you need a responsive web design, which is efficient and can work seamlessly on a Smartphone or on a tablet.

Responsive Web Design

What is it?

Web design is one vibrant industry as designs and techniques keep on updating in a very short span of time. Over the past years, there has been a great development in this sector, which has resulted to the emergence of responsive web design. It offers an optimal viewing experience across wide range of devices. As a developer, you neither have to change the site content nor would you have to create a mobile version. No matter what device is in use, the design looks all the same, irrespective to the size of the screen. Hence, the web design is called responsive because it takes into account properties of the device and the browser.

If you are looking for a Miami web design company to avail such a service, you would find the developers are using fluid grid to understand the user experience. Its flexibility, format can be measured and designers can create the pages based on the study. Elements which do not fit in a smaller window would be eliminated to enhance the responsive ability of the website. Though responsive online stores are still minority but developers have started designing, using Magento and PrestaShop, two of the most popular e-Commerce platforms. This makes purchasing easy, even from the portable devices anywhere and in any time.

Why it is important?

If you want to stick on to the traditional designing technique, that is your choice. But you would surely miss a lot of customers who prefer to browse through mobile devices. Moreover, a survey on internet usage states that the rate of users owing Smartphone increased to a large extent and by the end of 2014, mobile internet accessibility will surpass desktop internet usage. Therefore, if you want to meet this growing market demand, your design has to be user friendly and legible on any device. Ignoring this would lead to a loss of 10-50% of customers, which you would definitely not want.  

At the time of updating, you do not have to work on two versions because your responsive web design runs smoothly on any devices. Moreover, responsive web design has been endorsed by Google as recommended configuration because they need to index only one website. Thus, it can be stated, if you want your customers to have better experiences responsive web design is ideal choice and Google favors it. These websites saves a lot of time, which you can utilize to develop a SEO strategy; even getting a rank in the search engine is easy. Read more 3 Reasons Why Responsive Designs Are Important?

Other facts    

Responsive web designs have limitations because it takes time to load and takes extra server space. But these factors hardly matters when you measure the advantages businesses yield; for instances, you do not have to give your customers 2 different URL link- one for mobile and the other for web. You do not have to spend money on maintaining multiple websites. Hence, you need to create your website once and it remains compatible on different platform as well as operating system, without further changes in functionalities.

So, it can be concluded that, responsive web design is ubiquitous. It not only provides user friendly experiences but ensure you maximum ROI. The chances of customers to moving away and avail the services of your competitors is less, because possibilities of technical faults hardly exit. This is an investment you need to make as responsive web design assures you long time profit.

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