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Saving Money this Christmas on Technology Gifts

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We all know Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, and while it’s nice to spend time with family and friends and relax knowing that you have those few precious days away from work or school, it can be extremely costly even if you set out a good budget and vow to stick to it. A lot of the money is taken up on food, while the largest percentage is probably in the gifts department. If you have a large family, plenty of friends and on top of that, your work colleagues have gone and set up Secret Santa for this year, you could discover that you have a very long list of people to be generous to this holiday season. Technology gifts are always a firm favourite, so these are definitely options to consider; however, in order to avoid borrowing money from lenders and paying back their Christmas gift costs in debt consolidation payment for the next ten years, here are some top tips to help you save money this Christmas.

Technology Gifts

1. Start looking at budget cards or savings cards

Whatever the time of year, you can start looking into getting a budget card in order to help yourself when Christmas comes around. Of course, the earlier you get something like this, the more you can save and the easier it will be, but even if you’ve only left yourself with a couple of months until Christmas, you’ll be surprised how much that extra eight weeks of little savings will help you just before the day. For example, you may have discovered a couple of people who you’ve forgotten to add to your list and you’re out of cash! No problem now with your new budget card. Certain cards can be used in various stores too, so even if you want to treat yourself to a new dress for that party at work, at least you’ll have a small amount of cash that you would probably have spent on an extra morning coffee! 

2. Keep your eyes peeled for vouchers

When it comes to technology gifts, many companies like to offer discounts or money-off coupons if you spend a certain amount of money. Because you’re likely to spend a fairly large amount buying gifts for everyone from a technology store, you might find yourself getting rather a large amount off your purchase. However, don’t be tempted to overspend just to get the savings, since this is often false advertising and can actually cost you more money than you thought since you’ll be buying more items that you would have bought in the first place! Don’t just rely on the big posters in the shops either – have a look online and see what codes and coupons you can find hidden away in the crevices of Facebook and other websites.

3. Remember it doesn’t have to be an iPad!

Your 8-year old niece might be begging you to buy her the latest iPad for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you need to, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to buy something like that for everybody. A lot of technology gifts are extremely useful but yet very inexpensive. For example, earphones or good quality headphones are great gifts for both the ladies and the gents, and if you can’t afford to buy tablets for everyone, Amazon Kindle readers are brilliant ideas for the special people in your life. Novelty memory sticks are also a great idea, and certainly gifts which can be purchased for a lot less than a computer or smartphone! 

4. Give your kids a break from technology

Just because it’s the “in thing” for young children to have smartphones and tablets doesn’t mean that you have to go down that same route. While it’s nice to let your kids play on your tablets once in a while, don’t feel like you have to get them their own device for Christmas. By avoiding this, you can save a lot of money this Christmas, and you may even find that they’ll have just as much fun with less expensive gifts. Cheaper technology-related gifts for kids include DVDs which they can watch on Christmas day or in the car, a DVD player or TV for the car which they can share, or a small iTunes voucher which allows them to buy what they want for their favourite games on your iPad!

5. Stick to a budget and don’t be tempted

When you walk into the store, full of computers, television screens and the latest computer games, you’ll be tempted to treat all the people you love to a fantastic new gift. However, if you have a budget and you’re a working person like most of us, you won’t be able to afford to shower everyone with gifts this Christmas to the extent you would really love to. Set a budget, either per person (the more fair option) or just a large budget in general and stick rigidly to this. Don’t be tempted to fall for all the Christmas promotions which stores have when the holiday season comes around. They know everyone is out shopping and spending and try to make as much money as possible out of it! 

6. Secret Santa is your friend!

Secret Santa is actually a great way to save money, especially if you make everyone stick to a small budget, which most people do. In the work place or with your social groups, set a $10 or $20 limit on presents and play Santa for the holiday season. By doing this, you don’t risk buying a present for a friend which costs considerably less than the one you’ve received in return! It also means that you don’t have to buy as many presents, since everyone will be happy having one gift each and it gives everybody the chance to save money. Don’t shy away from taking part in this, and if nobody else suggests it, bring it up yourself!

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