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The Way We Want To See Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung’s phone releasing pattern is now almost clear to everyone. Consider that a clever marketing strategy maybe, because Samsung smartphone owners would know when to seek customers to sell their smartphones off. Right after the new devices in the Note series are launched, it is time to start counting days for another flagship in the S series. This time, we are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

We expect the Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 to launch in close time frames, maybe even within a very short interval which could make the competition for both phones little tough. The launch event is probably due on upcoming March, 2015. We have already hard few flying words about the Galaxy S6, as usual, that kind of gives us an image of what the Galaxy S6 is going to be.


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be the next flagship in the Galaxy S series.
  • The phone might get released on March, 2015 following their usual releasing schedule.
  • The specifications are not confirmed by Samsung yet; however plenty of leaks are already spread to support the ongoing rumors.
  • The price might be close to Samsung’s current flagship, Galaxy S5. 


The hardware and software configurations are important to those who might be planning for an upgrade from Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S6. In most cases the last flagship owners don’t usually upgrade to the immediate next flagship due to minor changes in hardware specifications, there could be exceptions though.

Display: The biggest visual change about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is probably going to be the display. Samsung now takes a giant leap over HD and now makes QHD displays, also known as 2K. Some rumors are cooking news about a 4K display but with the Note 4 not having it yet, we won’t like to believe that rumor 

Maybe not a 4K display, but how about a curved edge over a corner like the Galaxy Note Edge, or a curved display like the LG G Flex? That might be an option. Many people would certainly love seeing that. 

Processor: Android L brings 64 bit support to Android. Even though the Note 4 was unveiled without the 64 bit architecture in it, we are still hopeful about the Galaxy S6 having it. Because Android L will hopefully be released by then and Galaxy S6 might have the required hardware configuration to run it! Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 are popular estimations for Galaxy S6 power house. The first one is a hexacore processor supporting 2K display and the latter one is oct a core supporting 4k display; both are 64 bit capable.

Memory, Graphics and Storage: We are not sure about the RAM capacity yet, popular estimations go for 3 or 4 GB. That should be enough for most apps. For the GPU, it is an Adreno 430 which is nearly 30% faster and better than its predecessor. Gaming and high intensity graphics rendering would never be so fun! 

To occupy and take over Apple’s market, Samsung could play the trick of brining three memory storage options; 16 GB, 32 GB and 128 GB. That seems more practical these days, though. 

Chassis: After Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, it is kind of confirmed that the Galaxy S6 will sport a metal body.

Camera: Expect a 20 megapixels camera on the rear part containing better image stabilization features and of course 1080p video capturing capabilities; and maybe some attempts to copy Apple’s slow-mo 240 fps video! The front camera features the wide-selfie option to capture your whole group without getting anyone off the frame. 


Samsung’s next flagship device has created a popular interest among the Samsung lovers; and needless to mention, the haters. No matter what people say, it is going to be an extra ordingary device that everyone would love. Stay tuned for more.

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