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The 3 Reasons Horizon HQ CRM works for Small Businesses

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CRM makes and breaks companies. There are numerous CRM software packages for small businesses available, but not all of them are worth the money. In fact, most of them don’t work for small businesses because they aren’t designed for their specific use. If you are getting ready to get into CRM on a larger scale for your small business, there are three reasons Horizon HQ CRM is going to be the one you should choose.

Horizon HQReason #1 – We check your systems for compatibility

Many companies buy  without checking if it is compatible with any of its other systems. Just imagine the kind of nightmare that can create. With the Horizon HQ products, we will help you to analyze all of your resources and determine which of our packages will integrate best with what you already have in place. This will save you from having to change all of your software over just because you started using CRM.

Reason #2 – Good Small Business CRM has Small Business Options

What you don’t want to do is invest in CRM software for small business that is really a CRM package for big business. It will wind up draining resources and being too complicated to respond efficiently for the kind of support that you really need. Don’t worry about having everything at once, stay lean and things will go better. You can pick from the right sized CRM software for small business that you need for right now, that also can expand as you grow.

Reason #3 – We provide ongoing training

The normal routine when you install a new software system is that the people who will use it most get about 3 hours training, and then that is it. Software programs are constantly updated and changed. As your small business CRM software is used by just about everyone you need to have tiered levels of training, and on-going training for those who will use it most. This is a part of our complete package of service. We don’t just send you updates, we provide you with training options too.

Avoiding the most common mistake

The most common mistake that small companies make with their CRM is that they start to look for one that suits their needs and systems, and then opt to use an off the shelf solution instead. No off the shelf CRM package is going to be able to provide you with what you need. What it will do is cost you more money in the long run in lost time, prospects and outlay for the correct small business CRM software that will integrate with your solutions. CRM is not an area where you want to take shortcuts, its where you want to start in the right direction from the very beginning.

How to do the right thing

Finding the right CRM software for small business is easier than you think, stay with Horizon HQ, the small business CRM professionals. Our professional service agents can help match you to the best Horizon HQ CRM software for your company.

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